Zayn Malik returns after leaving his best friend for the x-factor. Hopefully he will remember his best friend and his old crush


7. Everything is perfect

I rolled on top of him pecking his lip and started to run away, messing with him a little. He chased after me and grabbed me from behing, spinning me. We both fell down laughing, enjoying each other. We finally got down stairs with the rest of the boys. It was near the end of the movie and I knocked out on zayns shoulder.
I woke up and all the boys were awake. I saw Zayn "I'm sorry I didn't mean to stay here" I said. He just smiled and said"anytime beautiful" We went outside on the balcony for a little talking about all our old memories. "remember the festival, and our park and the time you slept over?" he exclaimed. The festival was my favorite. "let's go to the festival today Zayn!" He smiled and I knew that was his way of saying yes.
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