The Bull And Little Girl

There was a litle girl who lived on a farm. She loved to play in the pastures.


1. The Bull And Little Girl

There was a little girl

Who lived on a farm

She loved to play in the pasture


But everyone told her

You can't play in the pasture

There is a bull in there


She thought a bull, but why would he hurt me

I'm not big enough to do anything to him

They told her also, do not wear red


She wondered why what did red do to a bull

It was big and strong

So she forgot about the pasture and red


Then one day, she just walked in the pasture

Not watching or looking where she was going

Then she saw a bull running at her


She thought so this is the bad bull

She didn't move, didn't cry, had no fear

The bull kept coming, but then.........


The bull saw this tiny thing

It was not running or crying it had no fear

What to do? He couldn't harm a tiny thing


He stopped looked her over

As she did him

The bull went up to her and looked her in the eye


She did not move, no tears, no fears

Why he wondered

I am big she is supposed to fear me


So he turned away to see what she would do

When he looked back

She had turned away from him to


So he walked away from her

Left her there

When he looked back, she had walked away from him


He turned around and came back

She stood there and watched

Than she came back


He didn't know what to do

So he ran as fast as he could go

He looked back she was running to


He liked her he wanted to play

He looked at her again

She thought the same thing she wanted to play


He came and stood in front of her

Looked her in the eye she did the same

Then she took his head and kissed him


He stood there and she was grinning

It looked like he was to

She got on her toes and whispered in his ear


Guess what, I want to be your friend

He nodded his head

Then she looked around and said ok friend


He turned to go

Looked back and let a big one out

She looked at him and laughed, then she said you stink


He came back and stood in front of her

He didn't want to leave

She let one and said oh no, I farted


Then she looked around and said

Oh no, I'm not supposed to say that

But she just laughed


From then on everyday

You would see the bull and the girl

Always playing together


The bull looked at her and thought

For one so tiny she stinks

Then he thought she farted he felt like laughing




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