Stay With Me

Things can change so quickly. Especially for 18 year-old Grace Loving. Her father died at a young age,but now she has even bigger problems. She is diagnosed with blood cancer, and is fading fast. But when her lover shows up, things might just get a little sweeter.


5. Texts

I hop into my own silver Volvo, and drive away quickly, tears streaming down my face. Nobody understands! I swipe out my phone and dial a number fast. My phone rings twice, and someone answers.

"Hello? Grace, love?" Harry asks. "SCREW YOU!" I scream, hanging up. I can imagine Harry's sweet innocent face looking very confused right now. My phone bleeps, signaling a text message. I ignore it, speeding down the highway to get home.


I have locked myself in my bedroom, and London has been knocking on my door for the last two hours. "Please, Gracie. If you'll just tell me I can fix it!" she pleads. "No." I say firmly, scrubbing dry tears off my face. How could somebody be so, awfully mean? What did I ever do to her?

My phone bleeps again. About every five minutes I get a new text. I throw my Coach purse against the door, and my phone falls out. NEW MESSAGE. The screen reads. I sigh, giving up, and reach over to pick up the phone.

From Harry - I don't know what happened, love! Please, come to Marian's cafe on main, and talk to me there.

He sent that message three hours ago. I throw on a big, green sweatshirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and my pink flats with the little bows on them. I probably look hideous, but who cares.

 I open my window, and grab hold of the vines on my left. They've been here since I can remember, and I have always used them as escape routes to go to parties with London. Mom only caught me once, but at first she thought I was a burglar, so she called the police. That didn't end well.

I hop onto the ground, tiptoe to through the garden, and slide quietly into my car.

*** Grace's Outfit to the cafe!

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