Stay With Me

Things can change so quickly. Especially for 18 year-old Grace Loving. Her father died at a young age,but now she has even bigger problems. She is diagnosed with blood cancer, and is fading fast. But when her lover shows up, things might just get a little sweeter.


6. In His Arms

 I whip my car into a tight parking space, running out the door. My purse falls, over and spills its contents. I curse under my breath, scrambling to pick everything up, and into my coach bag.

 I want to be in his muscular arms so badly, I can't stand it. It's not right for me to feel like this, we've only met, and I'm supposed to hate him right now, but it feels so right.

 I pick up my now full bag, and hurry into the cafe. The coffee colored walls are lined with paintings of beautiful places, and the smell of fresh baked bread fills the air. I look around the almost empty cafe, and spot a curly haired teen staring out the large windows. Harry. I run up to him, and hug him.

 He looked a bit suprised for a moment, but then happy. "Whatever I did I am sorry." he says to me, hiding his face in my hair. "It's okay. It's okay." I mumble back.

After our rather quick embrace, I sat down, ordered a blueberry tart, and told Harry about about today. The look on his face was awful. It was a mixture of pure hut, and anger. "Grace...I am so sorry...I didn't know my aunt was so cruel." He mumbled. "Sandra is your Aunt?" I question, horrified. "Yes.."    he trails off, truly ashamed. I look at the raining city, a scowl on my face.

 "I have to make it up to you..." he says, obviously feeling in debt. "No...." I say in protest. We both look up at each other, staring into each other's eyes. We both look away, smiling. "You'll figure it out later." I tell Harry, wiping my mouth, and standing up to leave.

"Wait - Let me walk you to your car." he insists, quickly standing up also. We walk out of Marian's Cafe, hand in hand, and into the rainy street. Our hair and clothes are instantly soaked. I look up to Harry, and he looks back.

This is the scene in the movies where the boy kisses the girl. The one everybody dreams of happening. So, I am guessing you know what happens next.



He Kisses Me.

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