Stay With Me

Things can change so quickly. Especially for 18 year-old Grace Loving. Her father died at a young age,but now she has even bigger problems. She is diagnosed with blood cancer, and is fading fast. But when her lover shows up, things might just get a little sweeter.


2. I Can't Thank You Enough

It's been two miserable weeks since I met One Direction. Two rainy, hospital food-filled weeks. But today I am finally leaving.

I walk slowly towards my mother's navy minivan, my hands filled with bright-colored flowers and numerous 'Get Well Soon' cards from friends and relatives. The usually bright blue sky is now covered with a blanket of grey clouds, that are visciously spitting out rain. "Just think, soon you'll be home in your own room!" my mother attempts to cheer happily, as she grabs a pine green umbrella from her purse.

Mom rambles on about the prices of birthday cakes these days, but my mind is still on One Direction. To be more specific, Harry. I've tried everything I can think of to get him off of my mind. But his eyes...

I remember when London and I would lay on her queen-sized bed, dreaming about falling in love with the boys. We would sit there for hours, rolling around and giggling on her light pink duvet. I was so happy then. But that was then, not now.

As our car turns onto our street, our house comes into view. The white paint is peeling of the side, and the blue windows are a bit dirty. The garden on the side of the house is waterlogged, and the pool in the back is lined with a bunch of wet leaves. My mother sighes at the sight of it. She is getting old, and can't bear the sight of her home showing it's age also.

When we get inside, London greets me with a silent hug and a kiss, and sits me down at the old oak dinner table, where a birthday cake awaits me. "Happy Birthday Sis." she says, placing a gift in front of me. It's my birthday? What's the date? I glance over at the digital clock on the wall. The date reads April 15. I smile a bit, and hug London and my smiling mother, whose hands are clasped together, a silver beaded bracelet sliding down her arm.

I thank my family a million times. They are just too good for me.

The rest of the night is filled with cake, presents (Which include a new dress and a pair of sparkly high heels from London, and a fancy journal from my Mother), and old memories. I am sitting on the couch laughing a bit quietly, when my phone rings.
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