Stay With Me

Things can change so quickly. Especially for 18 year-old Grace Loving. Her father died at a young age,but now she has even bigger problems. She is diagnosed with blood cancer, and is fading fast. But when her lover shows up, things might just get a little sweeter.


4. Dresses, Shoes, and Jewelry - Oh my!

The doorbell furiously rings, waking me up from my horrible, yet weird dream. I was at the awards show when Harry turned to me and said I wasn't beautiful, and that I was awkward and fat. Then somebody behind me took a electric shaver and shaved my head, and poured punch all over my beautiful dress. I shiver, praying that that will never, ever, happen.

I swing my feet onto the floor, and mosey down the long yellow hallway towards the door. I open it, rubbing my eyes. I open them to see a clean looking woman in front of me. She has a frown on her lips with dull brown eyes and black hair that is slightly grey. The woman is wearing a black suit, with light pink flats, her hair in a ballerina bun, and has a clipboard under her arm.

"I'm here for Miss Grace Loving?" she says whilst sizing me up. I freeze, and glance at the clock behind me. It is 10:00 already! Why did I sleep in? I never sleep in.

"Um, That's me!" I say, running my haind through my tangly blonde hair. "Oh, I must have the wrong Grace Loving...." she trails off , looking at her clipboard.

"I believe your looking for me ma'm. I am Harry's date to the awards show." I squeak quietly, feeling very self-concious. The lady sighs, telling me to hurry up and put some clothes on.


The rest of the day I spent with the lady named Sandra and her prissy crew. I tried on poufy dresses, staight dresses, patterned dresses, plain dresses, lacy dresses, beaded dresses, strapless dresses, sleeved dresses - every kind of dress you could think of.

I finally decided on a short, sleeveless, ice blue dress that matches my eyes, the sparkly heels London bought me for my birthday, a small locket neclace with matchcing studs, and a simple white clutch.

When I was pulling on the dress to show Sandra, I hear her whispering to another crew member named Joseph.

"Oh Joe, Harry could have done soo much better. Grace, oh Grace.... poor girl. She's just way too skinny, and she's very long and ugly. Did you see the last dress she tried on? It made her look even worse!" she gushed, while giggling.

Tears ran down my cheeks. I pull the dream dress off, folded it up, and bursted out of the dressing room. "Screw you!" I scream throwing the dress at her face. People stared at me as I ran out of the store, sobbing.

That shopping trip was almost as horrible as my dream.

*** See Grace's outfit on Polyvore!

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