Stay With Me

Things can change so quickly. Especially for 18 year-old Grace Loving. Her father died at a young age,but now she has even bigger problems. She is diagnosed with blood cancer, and is fading fast. But when her lover shows up, things might just get a little sweeter.


3. A Date, Perhaps?

My rigntone blares loudly, as I reach over for my cheap sliding phone, and excuse myself from the living room. The number calling me is unknown. "Hello? This is Grace?" I ask as I bring the phone to my ear. "Hello, Grace. This is Harry. Um.. Harry Styles." he speaks over the phone. I try my best not to squeal. He's just a pretty boy with a good voice. That's all. Though everybody knows that's not true. he's probably an imposter.

"Hi..Harry. What's up?" my voice says shakily. "Well...I was just... checking up on you. Your such a beautiful girl, and I just wanted to make sure your okay. You were in pretty awful condition last time I saw you." He says shyly. I blush, even though he can't see me. "Yes, Of course. I am fine." I say quickly. "Is there anything else?" I ask, sort of impatiently - as if I'm like anticipating something.

 "Um..Yeah.." He says a bit quietly. It is silent for a moment. The only sounds I hear are my mother and London arguing over who's cuter - Brad Pitt or Zayn Malik - and the sounds of birds calling in the woods behind my house. "Well spit it out love!" I say. Silence again. "Well, I was wondering if you would like to go to an awards show with me on Friday. I's no big deal..." He trails off. My mind runs blank....."Grace, sweetheart?" Harry calls worriedly.

"Oh! Um...Of course! I have to go - Bye!" I say very quickly - snapping out of my trance, and hanging up. I am going to an awards show. With Harry Styles. What will the fans think when they see me? Will they like me? What should I wear? Should I tell Mom?

Moments later I get a text from Harry. I jump at the alert noise. It read - You hung up with me so quickly... But anyways, I am having a crew come pick you up tomorrow to take you dress shopping. - I smile, a bit worried. I hope this all goes okay.

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