A trip To Fairyland

Let's have a trip to fairyland watch the light reflect each day. Watch the light reflect each day.


1. A Trip To Fairyland

Let's take a trip to fairyland

Watch the light reflect each day

From a deep impressionable soul

It is good to sometimes  dream


Where fairies go and play

Chasing fireflies and butterflies

Where they fly and play

With no worries or doubts


From recesses of your mind

More little images bought

So many creatures to find

All in the fairy tales


Go forth with fairy tales

And all the cords

We will find a way

Always good for a crook


With every desire in dreams

You kneel and seal

And see a Prince

You will move from tale to tale


You will find towers and magic

Pixies and mysical chimes

Let's take a visit to see Elves and Queens

It is almost growing up time


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