Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


12. two new members

Zayn and I got ready and dressed and quickly went down stairs since we slept in a little to late, we went straight to the kitchen to find ourselves surrounded by 3 snickering boys and Harry angrily sulking in the corner. "What's so funny?" Zayn said looking around and grabbing me by the waist I just looked around clueless. Louis was the first to speak up.
"Oh please! Don't pretend you don't know, mate! You two where shaking the whole house last night!" That earned a few escaping laughs from the other boys, except for Harry who was shooting daggers into the back of Louis head. My face got red and I covered my face with my hands. 
"Oh...I-I'm really s-sorry I don't....I-I...."  Was all I could utter, not being able to even complete a sentence I turned to Zayn who seemed to have a sly smirk on his face and he pulled me closer, puffed out his chest in pride and bravely announced. "Well boys what can I say I really do love her." and with that he kissed me with his soft lips when I heard Harry stomp out of the kitchen, go up the stairs and slam his bed room door which caused Zayn to pull away. "What in the hell is his problem?" Liam mumbled all the boys shrugged it off but I couldn't stop thinking about it. Was he seriously jealous? He raped me, cut me, made me beg him to stop, and then he gets jealous of Zayn? I was still terrified to tell anyone who knows what he could do if given the chance. "So." Zayn said looking to me as the rest of the boys went to do their own business  he turned me facing him and my hands where on his chest and his arms where wrapped around me, we we're basically connected, only a few layers of clothes right? I really shouldn't think like that. "What do you want to do today Jamie?" I looked up at him and shrugged. "I was thinking about going around town and handing out job applications." he gave me a weird look as if a job was a foreign thing, to him it probably was, and said "Are you kidding?" I laughed and pulled away from him a little and put my hand up to fix an out of place hair on his head "No i'm not joking I really miss having a job, it makes me feel like I can be responsible. Plus I can pay rent with the money I earn." He pulled me in closer once again and whispered in my ear "How about we go to the mall?" I rolled my eyes "No more shopping please!" "Not for clothes." Out of curiosity I asked "What else is at the mall?" he just gave me a smug look and said "You'll see." It was curiosity that got me in the car and into the mall. "Alright Zayn you got me in the mall now what?" and without a word he took my hand and guided me into a little lingerie shop. "No. Nope. No. No. NO!" was all I could say as he walked in like a kid in a candy shop. "Do you need any help today s- OH MY GOD YOU'RE ZAYN MALIK!" The clerk said looking up from her cell phone and he immediately shushed her and she nodded and whispered "Can I get your autograph? My niece loves one direction!" Her niece  sure. Zayn looked around "Is this really the place to get an auto graph for your niece!?" But he walked over and sighed a piece of paper then he took me to the back of the store. "Go into the dressing room and i'll pick something our for you OK " I stood there dumb founded. "You said no clothes! You little liar! And I'm not exactly one for this kind of thing. It's one thing to show off my body but to try to pass this body off as sexy!?" I said turning to the side. "But you are sexy! And beautiful and intelligent, I could go on for days, plus it'll boost your confidence." I looked down and sighed "Fine." Then I pouted all the way to the dressing room which was a small secluded area where there was a room with a lock and inside it was a stall to get dressed and a chair out side of it which was pretty clever so someone could show off their probably slim, scar free body in some revealing clothing to their lovers. I sat in the dressing room until I heard him come in. "I've got a couple of things to try on OK love?" He said. "Just throw the damn things over." And he did. I looked at the pile of different colored lace 'outfits' and tried one on. It was Lacy red see through under wear and a solid colored bra. It high lighted my deep red cuts and I put my hand over my stomach and turned to the side just to see how disgusting I've gotten a small whimper came from my mouth and a tear rolled down my cheek. "Zayn I really can't do this!" I said letting another sob escape from my lips. "Jamie let me in!" He said knocking on the door. "No I look hideous I don't know how...." I stopped there I didn't want to sound pathetic or weak anymore and I didn't want to seem like all I wanted was compliments. All I wanted was to not be fat and disgraceful, ugly, ratchet, foul...I could go on and I will, repulsive, hideous... "How what Jamie? How could I love you?" I heard him lean up against the door to try to hear me. "It's so easy to love you and I don't care about your scars, I love them! It's what drew me to you. I love every inch of you and from day one I've seen nothing but how beautiful you are. I've been thinking about how i'm probably the luckiest man alive to be with you and I hope you can look past all my imperfections." I had my hands covering my tear streaked face "God dammit Zayn you have no imperfections you're basically perfect." then there was a strange silence "And that's exactly how I see you too Jamie." I unlocked the door and he walked in with an astonished look on his face. "Damn I knew red was a good color for you love." He grabbed my waist and kissed me and I could feel him and myself smiling. After a few more 'outfits' we left the store with a few (too many) shopping bags in our hands. "Alright time to go home right?" I said trying to find a way to hide the logo on the bag. "Nope!" He said grabbing my free hand again and guiding me to a store near by "You know I can walk my self perfectly fine....Do you think i'm disabled or something?" He laughed and said "Sorry I'm just really protective, I want everyone else to know you're mine." I looked at the store we had just walked into to be surrounded by glass cages with tons of puppies and kittens. "Oh my god Zayn!" I said almost dropping my bags on the floor. "Are we going to get one? Oh my lord I love kitties and puppies! I haven't ever had a pet but I would take great care of it I swear!" I said darting around the room looking into the little cages 'oohing' and 'awing'. "Pick out which ever you want." he said. I'm sure he didn't expect this to be such a long process where I had to touch every animal and get attached to them and cry then see another one and then go back to the previous animal and cry again, it was a vicious cycle but he was patient. Anyway, In the end I left the mall with a shit ton of clothes for my new babies and 2 cages. "We're Home!" Zayn said sounding tired. The boys came piling down the stairs as if Zayn told them he'd be coming home with some animals He probably did tell them anyway, I mean it is their home! "Whdya get!?!?!" Liam said, seeming the most excited about it. "Well..." I said putting the cage on the ground and releasing the latch to let the two out. The boys let our screeching noises. "They are so damn cute!" said Liam "What in the hell?" Niall said getting on his knees to get a closer look. "Look at those adorable mother fuckers!" Louis Chimed in and Harry sulked away without a word.

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