Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


3. Stay for a while.

After a while we got up and he walked me to the door untill he noticed it was pitch black out side. "You can't go out at this time of night!" He said. But I protested like the stubborn person I am "I'll be fine I can handle my self." But he picked me up bridal style and kicked the door shut. "You can stay here love." he then put me down again. "No I would'nt want to be a burden." He gave me a dramatic eye roll and then said "Trust me you would'nt be a burden. We're ordering pizza if that's ok with you what kind do you like?" I gave him a cute smile "I can't eat your guy's food! At least let me pay for it!" "What kind of guy do you think I am?" I paused for a second "A cute one!" we both laughed. "What if the boys don't like me!?" I became nervous but why should I be nervous Zayn is my friend that's all we consider each other right? You can't fall in love in a day. "No they're gonna think you're amazing!" By the look on his face I could tell he was thinking the same thing 'What were we'? I could hear the boys playing video games in what I think would be the living room and Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the room and when we got in there I saw 4 boys sitting on a black leather couch all playing some video game. "Hey guy's this is Jamie!" Zayn said gently pulling me infront of him. All the boys said "Hey Jamie!" all at once and I felt like I was in rehab again but this hello was a little more enthusiastic. I heard Harry whisper "Wow she's Hot Zayn sure knows how to pick em'!" I smiled and blushed when Zayn broke the silence "Hey guys i'm ordering pizz-" but before he could finish his scentence niall stood up and ran to the phone hanging on the wall and dialed a number as fast as lighting. "I'll have 7 large pizzas and 2 orders of..." He went on and on with his order and zayn motioned me to the couch and he sat down. 'There's no room on the couch for me to sit...' I thiought so I just sat on the floor between zayns legs When Harry said "Jamie you don't have to sit on the ground you can always sit on my lap love." He winked at me and I just laughed thinking it was just harry being perverted when Zayn sat on the floor with me and wrapped hisn arm around me. "Go and sit on the couch Zayn!" I said looking into his deep brown eyes....Why am I looking into his eyes!? Oh god I'm falling for Zayn fucking Malik! I'm going to get my heart broken. "No love it's fine I want to sit by you!" I  tried to keep my eyes from looking at him for to long but I just could'nt help but notice every cute quirk about him! When suddenly There was a knock on the door and zayn went to go get it, It was the poor pizza man holding a shit load of food he could hardly even carry! I watched as he put the boxes on the floor and started to pay when harry sat down beside me. "So are you and Zayn friends or more..?" He said in his deep musky voice which was honestly very hot. But the question? I was'nt quite sure my self. "Friends." I casually answered and I felt his hand rest on my leg as he started getting closer to me. 'Oh god..' I though I checked to make sure my sleeves were down, they were. When Zayn came back and Harry automatically put distance between me and him. He knew whast he was doing was wrong. "Food's on the table every one." All the boys ran to the kitchen except for Zayn who helped me up and took me top the kitchen holding my hand the whole way. We all ate and most of the boys whre exsausted after that so they went to bed. "So I don't mean to be rude but where will I be sleeping?" I asked. "Well we do have guest rooms but those beds are un comftorable and cold so you can sleep with me." He smiled and my heart dropped. 'So we are a thing?' I wanted to ask. "Don't worry I sleep with boxers on!" He said and laughed. He took me up to his room and gave me one of his T-Shirt to sleep in. "I don't want to sound like a perv but you can't sleep in Jeans .... I mean it can't be comftorable!" So I took my jeans off but the T-shirt was long enough that he did'nt see my under wear he turned off the light and we crawled into bed, him with inly boxers on.

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