Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


7. shopping spree.

(Sorry I haven't written in a really long time im just lazy but ill try to start updating more i promise! also I might be a little rusty with this whole writing thing.)


Zayn and I made our way to the mall in his Bently continental, which I feel like royalty just sitting in. "God Zayn this car must have been a million dollars!" He gave me one of his famous smile "Not quite, i'm sure you have a nice car too." He says but it seems like he regrets it immediately  "Well I don't really have a car I just walk every where and it's nice I see allot of things others don't see in cars." His smile returns and we park in the parking lot of the mall "You're so different Jamie." As he leans in for a kiss a bright flash goes off, then a few more until the sun seemed to vanish to be replaced with a million more. "Shit! Really? Do they really have to follow me every where?" I sit in my seat quietly wondering where these pictures will go, probably in magazines all over the world. And the articles below the pictures? Well those will be filled with hate, hell i'm not even wearing make up and these cameras have a way of making even Kim Kardashian looking like shit. Zayn opens up his door and calmly makes his way through the crowd avoiding questions, shielding his face until he made his way to my side of the car, I quickly took off my seat belt and he opened the door for me and took my hand, once again he made his way through the cameras and screaming fans,my hand in his until he was front and center of the crowd and so was I. "This is my girlfriend, her name is Jamie." He simply states looking at me then back at the crowd "Hopefully that answers all your damn questions." and we just walk away from a dumbfounded crowd until we get into the mall.  "I'm so sorry Jamie I had no idea they would follow us to the mall." Zayn says grabbing both my hands and looking into my eyes. "It's Ok." I say laughing "I just wish I didn't look like shit!" He kisses me again "I'm going to have to help you get your self esteem back Jamie." But It's long gone along with my pride and ignorance but i'll let Zayn figure that one out for himself. "Alright what store do you want to go into first!?" He says almost pridefully. I look around confused I haven't been to the mall, or any store for that matter, in years. I point to a store that looks interesting and off we go. "How about this love?" Zayn holds up a white tank top with a yellow smiley face on it with three eyes and at the bottom it says 'Have a nice day!' I can't help but laugh "That's very you Zayn!" He gives me puppy eyes "It'll look cute on you babe!" I sigh and roll my eyes "Let me see it." I say and he hands it over, I look at the price tag "Yeah no. It's $36 for one shirt." "It's on me love!" I delicately put it back on the rack he got it from, I really feel like a burden on him I don't want him to think I'm dating him because he's Zayn Malik but because he makes me feel safe. "Try again." I say almost laughing at his dramatic sigh "You're a complicated woman." As he searches through the racks I try to concentrate on the sales rack. "Babe!" Zayn says almost running to me with a cluster fuck of clothes in his arms. "My god Zayn." I say looking him up and down "I know I know! You said nothing too expensive but I can't help it! Just tell me what you like, don't look at the price tags." he says handing the clothes to me and leading me to the dressing room. "You're an idiot sometimes" I say in a loving tone, I shut the door and there I am left with more clothes to try on then I've owned in my whole life and of course a taunting mirror. I pick up a gray sweat shirt with the Jack Daniels logo on it and think to my self 'Really? out of all the things..' and fight back the urge to look at the price tag i pair the sweat shirt up with a pair of shredded jeans and took off all my clothes (Except for of course my bra and underwear) and I just sort of stood there looking at my damaged body does he have any idea what he's getting himself into? I put on the clothes and open the dressing room door to find Zayn sitting there patiently waiting like a little kid "This is what you pick out?" his smile widens "I love it on you babe! Try on something else we're deffinetly buying that!" He says and I do as he says until all the outfits have been tried on (A few I had to say no to because they showed my scars and if the paparazzi saw those they would probably blame zayn for them) and we (And by we I mean Zayn) paid. "That's enough shopping for one day right?" I say to him. "Jamie we've only been to one store." "Yes, and we've already doubled the clothes you've thrown away." But he always wins and drags me into a dress shop "Wow." is all I can say these dresses are stunning and not for a girl like me "Go into the dressing room and i'll pick out a few dresses for you." He says "What if I want to pick a dress of my own!?" I say deffensivley "You get anxiety over picking out sweat shirts." I just smile and nod a little then head off the the dressing room because he's right.

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