Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


13. round 2

(Yeah sorry for this super shit chapter I don't know who i'm even talking to right now because no one reads this but ya know it's nice to make an attempt.)




Niall poked the little animal as if he were studying it. "Like I said what in the hell is it?"  I crossed my arms and shifted all my weight to one hip and tapped my foot. "Don't make fun of her!" I said scooping her warm body into my arms. "This, everybody," I said putting her in the air like simba and giving Niall a piercing look "Is Loch Ness  She's my hairless cat!" Liam made  a feminine noise and had to excuse himself to re-grow balls or something but Niall still wasn't sure if it was truthfully a cat or not. "That's a fucking gross animal." Louis said petting the kitten under then chin then turned his attention to the little brown, black and white puppy. "But who is this little guy!?!?! Oh my god he's just the damn cutest!" I laughed and put Loch ness down "That's Muff, she's a corgi!" I looked at my two new pets and felt a glowing pride swelling up within me. "Yeah yeah! Super cute! I'm tired Jamie i'm gonna head for bed and of course come in whenever you're ready..." Zayn said slightly holding up our shopping bags, winking. Once he left Niall and Louis where giving me dreamy looks. "Ohhh! what was that all about Jamie?" My face became red and my words came out flustered. "I... uhm... there's just some new clothes for Muff and loch ness to try on and he wants to see them on." I picked up the two animals and without looking either of the boys in the eye, walked up the stairs into Zayn's room. "New clothes for Loch ness and Muff?" Zayn said sitting on the bed giving me a sarcastic look. "What was I suppose to say!?" I said sitting on his lap and putting my arms around him, trying to bury myself away. He lifted up my head delicately "It doesn't matter. Let's just erm...get started eh?" He said pulling out a black bra and matching underwear. I kissed him and took the lingerie from his hands, kissing him. "I'll be right back." I said stomping off to change in the closet. Lets just say I was a little more in brave that night. We woke up entangled in each other and blanket with both little Muff and Loch ness at our feet. "Morning love." Zayn said sitting up and placing the small dog in his lap. "Ha! These two make me feel like a parent." I looked over the side of the bed. "Really? Well as a parent you can pick up the babies shit." He rolled back over and pretended to be asleep. "Zaaaayyynnnn I don't wanna pick up dog shit!" With no response I sighed and got up to only drop back down. Zayn got up immediately  "Are you okay!?" He said. "Yeah I just think last night took a lot of energy..." He grinned and picked me back up. "Well I didn't think I was that good but if you insist... " he said leaning in to kiss me. "Round 2?" I asked innocently. His smile widened and he said "Right after I pick up this damn dog shit." Once that was all cleaned up and Muff and Loch ness were out of the room we started all over again. "Fuck Zayn..." I said now panting and fully awake. "Good way to start the day..." He said panting back. I checked the alarm clock alarm clock. "Holy crap! did you have rehearsal or something today?" he sat up "Yeah...why?" "Because it's already noon." I put his hands to his face and let out a long sigh but then looked toward me. "I'll just tell them I was sick, anyway it was worth it." He said pulling me into his arms. I traced the tattoos on his skin and looked up to see the stubble on his face, He looked worn and somehow older. I leaned in to him as close as I could when the phone rang and Zayn answered. "Hello?" silence " Are you sure Harry? Well I was gonna chill with Ja-" silence "Well fuck Harry you don't have to be so pissy." an then he hung up. "The boys and I have an interview today so I have to leave soon but we'll be on at like 7 but you know I really could skip that too if-" "No Zayn this is your career you have to go to the interview and no sass about it!" I said. He let out a stubborn groan but got out of bed and we got dressed and did our daily morning ritual (Although it was the afternoon) and soon he was out the door giving me a kiss and telling me for the millionth time how he really wanted me to watch him on TV. I said I would and he was out. 

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