Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


10. next day

I woke up in Zayn's bed bundled in blankets. When I open up my eyes I saw a little white piece of paper on the night stand so I groggily sat up and read it out loud. 

"Hey babe, The boys and I are in the recording studio getting some work done and if you feel better later, the boys and I are going to take you out to dinner around 5:00.
Love, Zayn."

I sighed and started blushing, he really is sweet. I looked at the very bottom of the note and once again read aloud
"P.S. Harry must have caught whatever you have so he's gonna take care of you today since I won't be around."
My stomach became a tight knot. I looked at the alarm clock that was also on the bed stand, 12:00 it read. "I'm usually up by 6:00 but at least I don't feel sick anymore." I said to myself. I groaned and walked over to the closet deciding to wear skinny jeans and a tight black 'Of mice & men' T-shirt then I went to the bath room which was across the hall brushed my teeth, put on some simple makeup, then finally put my ratty brown hair in a bun. I took a second glance in the mirror and wondered what the hell Zayn saw in me but then a million thoughts came rushing through my mind 'He's cheating on you.' 'He finds you disgusting' 'It's only for the camera' but I batted the ideas out of my brain and went downstairs to get some cereal. 
"Holy shit!" I said opening up their cupboards they had more than just cereal and I guessed Niall probably did most of the grocery shopping. I picked out some captain crunch but then quickly put it back, i'm to fat for that shit, I picked up a banana and filled a glass cup with water then I sat on the couch in the living room and turned on the news which was filled with nothing of interest untll I heard the obnoxious news anchors voice boom on the TV; 
"Is Zayn malik a womanizer?" My head snapped toward the TV as I turned it up.
"Zayn malik of popular boy band, one direction, was caught by the papparazzi going to the mall with his secret lover then that exact day he was seen getting cozy with the popular band little mix's very own Perri Edwards?" Secret lover? Perri Edwards? what? My eyes swell over with tears when I remember Zayn was with me literally all day yesterday. "This show is complete bull shit." I say as I change the channel to something else. I get up to go to the kitchen where I throw away my banana peel and started doing some dishes, the least I can do is some house work when these boys take me in and let me live with them. I'm about half way finished when a pair of large hands grab me by the waist and I turn around and see Harry's green eyes piercing into mine. "What do you think you're doing?" I ask crossing my hands over my chest. "Just having some fun..." He said as he kissed me roughly, I tried to move but He had a really good grip on me. "Harry! Harry stop! we talked about this yesterday!" He ignored me and pulled my shirt up with one hand while another held my arms down probably leaving new bruises. I felt numb and like I was in the basement again trying to escape. Harry was already unlatching my bra. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" I yelled , tears threatened to spill over my eyes. My bra came un done and Harry threw me on the ground forcefully. "STOP! OW! OH MY GOD PLEASE S-STOP!" I yelled again as I became completely numb to such a familiar feeling but he didn't care, he ripped off the remainder of my clothes untill I had nothing on, his hands pinning my arms down, his body on top of mine. He unzipped his zipper then looked down at my legs and saw all the cuts and bruises, he smirked. "So you are into this kinky shit." His voice came out dark and husky. "NO! NOOOO!" I cried as he pulled out a knife from one of the kitchen drawers. I sat on the ground sobbing as he traced the knife over my scars leaving fresh cuts and new fears. then the next hour was filled with screams and begging.
Fear to a new level. His moans were covered by my pained yelps. when he was done he stood up and simply stated
"If I were you I wouldn't tell Zayn about this. Or anyone." He said in a threatening voice.
And I obeyed him. He then walked away and told me to 'clean up this mess' and so I did. When the marble floor was cleaned of all the blood and other bodily fluids I climbed up the stairs feeling dead. I went into the bath room where I cleaned my cuts, re did my make up, and put my clothes on again then cried for another hour. I came out and silently went into Zayn's room where I covered my self in blankets and sat there letting the memories of today re play. "Hey..." Harry said standing in the door way I laid in the bed silently not daring to make eye contact with him. He walked over to the opposite side of the bed, laid down and held me in his arms. "P-please don't touch me." I said the tears coming back. He let go and sat up. "I'm really sorry." He said sitting there as if fucking sorry would do anything after what felt like hours of silence he left and closed the door behind him to where I slept until 4:30.
"Babe..." Zayn said shaking me lightly and I woke up bolting up right hoping the past events of today were just a nightmare. "Huh?" I looked up at Zayn who had a huge smile on his face. "It's time to get ready, we're going to dinner." He whispered then added "If you're feeling better of course..."  I got out of bed "Yes i'm feeling better." and I wrapped my arms around his neck tight and I kissed him gently on the lips. "I'm really glad you're here." I whispered.

Confused but happy he put his arms around my waist and said "I love you."

I didn't answer I just held on to him tighter until I had to get ready to go.

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