Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


6. Moving in.

I open the door and Zayn and I walk into my trash flat I turn to him embarrassed. "Zayn can you um...go out side?" He gave me a weird look. "You're not embarrassed about your home are you?" I looked away and he lifted my chin up and kissed me. "Well it's not going to matter I've talked with the boys and we all agreed you're moving in." My heart stopped I was so happy and nervous, Would I be annoying? would I be to loud? would they think i'm to lazy? would I eat to much? Then he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "Go get some clothes for a few nights and we can call some movers to get what ever you want to bring to your new place." I smiled at him and went to my room and changed into clean clothes and I packed my bags, I just decided to take all my clothes and save the movers a trip, it's not like I have a lot of clothes I mean really I only have a decent amount but i'm contempt with it. I walked back to Zayn who was still standing in my door way He looked down and saw my 2 small suit cases. "Is that going to be enough for a few nights?" He laughed "It's all of my clothes actually..." He stopped laughing and looked at me apologetically, he realized john really left me with nothing but scars and bruises. "Alright!" He said "You are going shopping!" I put my bags down "I don't think I have enough money to..." He cut me off right there "On me." He said He then took my bags and we walked to his house, which wasn't far away at all and when we got back we looked through my suit case together and decided to keep or not to keep since I was going on a giant shopping spree in an hour. "Well you've thrown out basically all of my shirts, and my pants. and my under wear.." He laughed and so did I. "Oh yeah and that shirt you're wearing has to go." I looked down at my faded old super man shirt. "Why?" I protested. "Here I'll help you." He said with a sly smile as he began to take my shirt off, I started to panic  he's going to see my scars he's going to hate me and he's going to think i'm a whore! No, it's Zayn he's helped me with so much and he's going to under stand... I finally calmed down and just let him take off my shirt. "OK you've officially thrown out all my shirts." I said becoming cold. "Just wear another one of mine." "I don't want to use all your shirts!" "Trust me I like when you wear them it shows that you're mine." He said winking at me. Harry walked in then "Hey Mate I was wondering if you wanted to orde-" My face became bright red Oh god this would happen to me! "Oh uhh I'm really sorry!" His face grew bright red and I could tell he had a boner...What the fuck! He closed the door and walked away. "Oh my god.." I said turning to Zayn who was on the brink of laughing. "Here love let's go get you a shirt on." he said walking me to his closet, his hands around my waist. I finally choose a plain grey shirt and the jeans I had on, the last pair may I add, and tennis shoes that I had. "Ok babe time to go shopping" He picked me up bridal style and carried me all the way to the car, when we passed Harry he winked at me and I hung onto Zayn a little tighter.

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