Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


4. Going with you.

It's about 12 at night and I hear a knock on the window and I slide out of bed and go to the window when I saw his face, John's face, and a Bloody pocket knife in his hands. 'OH GOD! How did he get out!?' I screamed in my head. I jumped on then bed and tried to wake up Zayn but he wasn't there. I frantically ran around the room looking for a door when I heard the most ear shattering noise...Glass breaking John came through the window and slowly came towards me UN till I was cornered His pocket knife went up to my neck and That's when I woke up Screaming and tears streaming down my face. Zayn automatically woke up and wrapped his arms around me. "Jamie it's alright! What happened love!?" He had one arm around my waist and his other hand was covering my head, he started stroking my hair. "I'm fine Zayn it was just...a Dream." I said honestly realizing how glad I was to have him here with me Usually my nights would go by allot like this I would fall asleep have a night mare wake up crying holding onto nothing but I held on to Zayn tonight and it was more than a pleasant change. "Hey love want to come down to the kitchen with me to get some food?" I nodded and got out of  the bed we walked down the hallways and finally came to the kitchen i put my hair up in a bun with a hair tie I had on my wrist. "You look really cute like that love." Zayn said pulling out some hot chocolate mix and milk. "What half naked?" I asked tauntingly. "No hair up and without make up." I looked down to my reflection in the granite counter top to see me with no make up and my hair looking like a pile of shit just landed on my head, I covered my face in embaresment. He took my hands away and kissed me on the cheek. Does that answer my question? What the hell is this!? "I want this to be more than just a friendship." I blurted out before I could really realize what I meant my face turned bright red I could just feel it I really need to learn how to control my blushing! "Me too." He said. And there my heart went pounding like a hammer in my chest. I looked into his eyes shamelessly and said "Really?" He just laughed "Of course! To be honest I never really expected any of this to happen but you're just so different in such a fascinating way." And then he kissed me right on the lips and he is the most amazing kisser! "Oh wow..." I said as he pulled away he leaned in again and whispered in my ear "I can't wait to tell the boys." We both sat on the kitchen floor until the sun came up just talking and eating I felt like I could be my self with him and I felt like he could be him self with me. "Oh shit!" I said getting up off the floor. "What's the matter babe?" He said following me up to his room as I ran around getting my clothes on, brushing my hair out, etc. "I have therapy's my last day and I can't miss it!" I went looking for my shirt but when I couldn't find it I turned around and said "Can I just wear this shirt?" He laughed and picked me up bridal style and kissed me passionately. "No babe! you slept in that you can wear another one of my shirts." He  put me down and grabbed my hand and lead me to his giant walk in closet. "I think you have more clothes than I do..." I said in amazement. He picked out a shirt that said 'fuck you!' on it. "Zayn I can't wear that to therapy!" I said giving him a cute smile. "Of course you can!" So I put it on and As I Began to walk out the door he turned me around and kissed me. "I wanna go with you." He said. "OK you can go." He gave me a cute little boy smile. "But don't you want to get ready?" I said realizing he was still in only boxers and he blushed, how cute, and ran up stairs. It seemed like it took forever for him to get ready but what did I expect? We finally set out walking after leaving a note on the kitchen table saying we we're out for a while. When we finally got there The class seemed to go so fast because I had him by my side and for most of the time I just had my head on his shoulder and we were staring into each others eyes. "Weird first date huh?" I said to him once we got out. "The weirdest but also the best." He said winking at me.

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