Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


9. feeling sick

"I don't feel so well." I say holding my stomach as Zayn and I pulled into our (His) flat. "Oh poor thing.." He said getting out of the car and opening the door for me while he carried me bridal style into the flat. "I can just put your clothes away later." He said as he put me down in his bed but I sat up, protesting. "I'm not on my death bed, god Zayn, I just feel a little ill." He sat down by me and settled me back into his bed, which was a little over sized considering he usually slept in it alone (Right? Well, maybe he's a player and i'm not the only girl he's taken in  and took shopping and maybe i'm not the only girl who's worn his shirts to sleep and i'm probably not the first to sleep in this bed but what do I know.) and told me just to go to sleep and kissed my forehead. I didn't protest because honestly I felt like I was on my death bed so I just went to sleep. I woke up about an hour later and Zayn was standing in his closet surrounded by shopping bags filled with just about everything. He had jeans on and no shirt and for a while I just kinda sat there watching him hang up my clothes, it was kinda hot. whoops. "Hey Zayn." I said groggily fully sitting up in bed. he turned around to face me with his big smile. "Hey babe! Glad you're awake, I wanted to take your temperature you look really bad." Guilt came across his face as if it offended me I wasn't gorgeous all the time. "I-I mean you look beautiful y-you just look kinda sick." He said. I rolled my eyes at him and flashed a smile "You know, I'm fully aware that i'm capable of looking like shit." I pulled his satin covers off me and tried to stand up but my legs decided they didn't really feel like working so I fell to the ground with a grunt. Zayn came rushing to my side lifting me up and putting me back into bed. "I'll be right back with a thermometer and some medicine." and with that he was gone. I slowly got out of bed and crawled to the closet I took off my jeans and put on a gray sweatshirt with black cats scattered across it then crawled back into bed sitting cross-legged waiting for Zayn when Harry walked past my room, stopped and peeked through the door. "Hello Love." He said walking in, I quickly pulled the sheets over my bruised legs. "Do you mind? I kinda have no pants on..." I said trying to be polite. "No I don't mind..." He said sitting next to me on the bed. "Uh. I'm kinda sick so you might not want to get to close." I put my hand on his chest and slightly pushed him away from me but he didn't budge then, he put his face close to mine and the air got tense and he kissed me. "NO!" I tried pushing Harry away, hard. "I'M NOT INTO YOU LIKE THAT HARRY! I"M SORRY!" He stood up looking almost hurt. "I-I'm sorry... I just don't like you. Besides I really like Zayn." He scoffed as if he wasn't sure if I really just rejected him. HIM! THEE Harry Styles. "He's just gonna hurt you." He said softly. His voice was rough and husky. "I know." was all I could say. Then we heard Zayn whistling up the stairs and Harry gave me a look that asked if I would tell and I shook my head no. I don't want to cause trouble and it was just a kiss. although I did use 'just a kiss' to compensate for an 'I love you.'. Harry ran out, fast and Zayn came in, unchanged. "Alright! So I don't really know how to use this thing but we'll try." He said sitting next to me, the exact spot Harry had just been. I took the box for the thermometer out of his hands. "Zayn, this is a rectal thermometer." He sat there for a moment then laughed "It's the only one we've got!" I put my hand on my forehead, it was burning hot (Maybe from and illness maybe from the kiss?) "I'm not putting it up my butt." I sassily said He kissed my forehead then quickly pulled away. "Damn you're burning up!"
 "I know." I replied.
"Well! For the rest of the night I am at your service my love!"
"OK then," I smirked "Take me to the living room and make some popcorn. I want to watch a scary movie." He lifted me up and took me out of the room when we got to the stairs he went down each stair kissing me on the lips. "You're going to get sick." I said when we finally got to the living room, surprisingly no one was in there. "Nothing will keep me from kissing you." I blushed. "OK I'll go make some popcorn for ya, anything else?" I heard Niall coming down the stairs. "You could pick some Nandos up for me." He said hugging Zayn from behind and I laughed and Zayn pulled out of the hug "Erm...No mate." Niall made a puppy face. "Dammit." He said grabbing his keys and walking towards the door he said "Ya know, Jamie the boys and I don't really know ya maybe we could all go out to eat tomorrow and get to know you." "If i feel better. I'm kinda feeling under the weather ya know?" I said imitating his Irish accent. He laughed and nodded then walked out. "Finally!" Zayn said throwing his arms up "I have you all to myself." He walked into the kitchen and minuets later he came back, his arms filled with drinks and popcorn and chicken and to much damn food. "Shit Zayn." I gestured to all the food in his hands. "And would it kill you to put a shirt on?" He gave me a mischievous smile "Do you want me to?" I pretended to dramatically consider it "On second thought..." I said reaching for him he sat down next to me kissing me. "So a scary movie?" He said, I bit my lip and nodded. He walked over to a large movie selection and picked out 'Grave encounters 2'. It was actually one of my favorites. We spent most of the night cringing at the gross parts of the movie, kissing, eating, and laughing at the cheesy parts or when one of us jumped a little to hard. I fell asleep in his arms and although I felt like shit he made it feel durable. Hell, I didn't even need medicine.

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