Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


2. confessions.

I was'nt sure why but I felt like I could totally trust him, he had'nt taken off his glasses or beanie since we got to his house wich I found weird but did'nt question it. It was'nt long before I started to spill everything to him. I had'nt know him for more than a day and I felt like he deserved to know every thing. "Ok Zayn I'm going to be really honest with you even though it'll probably change how you see me completlety." "There's nothing that could make me do that." He said and with that my heart skipped a beat and I started. "well there was this man... We had been dating for about 3 years and for the most part it was just a normal relation ship but things got worse and It started with him calling me things like a whore or a cunt and I did'nt think much of it but I did notice how other boys would call their girl friends 'Sweetie' or 'baby' but I though maybe we just were'nt one of those couples. He then wanted more from me like sex and I just was'nt ready he got madder and madder and eventually he started hitting me and cutting me with just a little pocket knife he said if I ever told he would kill me, which I did'nt care I wanted to be dead, But he told me he would kill my family too so I kept quiet." Zayn sat and did'nt say a word like most people do and it only made me like him more. "Then it just kept getting worse, he would rape me and lock me in his basement and I know how fake this all sounds but it can happen in real life too.I built up courage and self esteem to fight back one day and I managed to get ahold of a house phone and call 911 and they took him's been 4 months and i'm now going to therapy 3 times a week." I saw a tear roll down his cheek and he sat there thinking for a little bit and he finally broke the silence "You know you're right this has totally changed how I think about you... I now know that I don't only want you I need you and I have this over welming feeling that I want to protect you and hold you." I sat there stunned when he wrapped his arms arms around me and quickly let go. "I'm sorry...He said softly." He was blushing  and I think trying to hold back tears. "Well I was going to try to confess something to you too but it's not as important as what you just shared and i'm sure you've already figured it out by now..." Now I was beyond confused. "What?" I said moving closer to him when he pulled off his beanie and glasses. "Oh my god..." I sat there choking back so many emotions. Fear, anger, tears, happiness. "I can't even..." I let out a laugh and then the full realisation rushed over me. "You're Zayn Malik!" Wow I'm good at stating the obvious. "Hahaha yeah!" "Why did'nt you tell me when we first met!?" I yelled angry now. "Ok! ok! I'm gonna be honest with you now. I saw your scars and bruises before I sat down with you and I wanted to see if you were ok...but I did'nt know I would be taking you home with me and feeling all these emotions for you!" It all made sence know the boy who was saying something to him in the hall was one of the boys from one directon, me seeing one of them would give it away but still whyy did he not tell me?! "I wanted you to treat me like you would any other person." He said almost like he had been reading my mind. "I wanted to hear your story like any one else would!" I could feel me blushing ,again, and saying " Well 'Anyone else' would'nt have heard the story at all but I felt like i could trust you so I told you." He wrapped his arms around me again not letting go this time and I hugged him back. "Thanks for listening." I whipsered in his ear.

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