Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


8. A kiss will do

"I don't think this is" I say to Zayn as I spin around in a knee length silk red dress with a sapphire encrusted top. He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist while checking me out . "I think it looks great but not as good as you, not even close." he whispers in my ear and kisses me on the cheek. We shop for a couple more hours and by then i'm exhausted. ''This is probably the most shopping I've ever done in my whole life." I tell him. I feel really guilty for wasting all of his money on stupid things like dresses and shoes, what other girls think of as necessities. "Can we please leave now Zayn?" I beg holding up the over sized shopping bags to show that we've done enough damage for one day. He kisses me gently and says "Just one more stop OK love?" I roll my eyes but follow him to a large jewelry shop where he grabs my hand and pulls me in. "No. No, no, no, no." I say with a stern face "As If you haven't spent enough on me today." "But Loooooooveeee I really want to get you something special!" I begin to walk out when he grabs my hand, I turn around to meet his big brown eyes but I refuse to melt this time. "You're not buying me a necklace or a ring or ... well anything can we just leave?" He tugs on my hand lightly and is about to say something in protest but I cut him off "I just wanna get home (If i can even call his flat my home yet. I mean it's not really even mine.) hop into your bed and cuddle." then I give him my best puppy face, that seems to shut him up. "OK babe. I love you." He says a smile emerging on his face, but I can't say it back, love is such a large commitment and i'm afraid if i say it back it'll be permanent and he'll be sucked into the dark trap of a girl named Jamie. So instead I just kiss him and off we go, a kiss can compensate for an unspoken 'i love you' right?

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