Memories that keep coming back.

Jamie is bright, optimistic and overly forgiving, when she gets out of therapy caused by her physically abusive ex she meets a new boy who she can trust but history has a way of repeating its self.


1. Getting away.

I take a deep breath as I step out side. 'One more day of therapy.' I think to my self. I look down at my arms, which are covered in cuts and bruises, not self inflicted, and pull down my sleeves. It's been about 4 months since i've seen him but the memory and scars are'nt going away are they? I sigh and head down to a near by coffe shop.

"One medium carmel frappichino please?." I pay and wait for my order and stand at the counter untill the woman gives it to me I then sit down at a 2 seater table but it's not like im expecting someone. I sit and stare at the whipped cream on top of my coffe and I hear some one sit down at my table and I look up and see a guy with a beanie hat on and glasses he has dark skin and adorable pouty lips.

"Uhm... Can I help you?" I say.

"Uh... Sorry you just looked really lonley by your self over here and I think you're really..uh... pretty." He stumbled over his nervous words but I did'nt mind. I looked around the cafe and saw some stunning girls who were skinny and looked almost doll-like who where also alone and I look at my reflection in the window. Pale, wavy brown hair, blue eyes, boring, me. "What about her?" I say pointing to a Blonde girl in a pink summer dress with peircing green eyes and perfect straight teeth and perfect make up and a perfcet complection and a perfect...well everything. "I did'nt want to sit with her." He simply said and flashed a cute smile then he looked down and his smile instantly faded. "If you don't mind me asking... What are these cuts and bruises from?" I pulled my sleeve up instantly. "My cat." He gave me a look as if to say 'That's not true do you think i'm stupid?' "Well I don't know you and you want me to pour my life story to you!?" I got defensive like I usually do when the subject is brought up. "No i'm sorry you're right I don't even know your name." He looks down at his coffe. "Jamie..." I say almost in a  whisper. "Zayn." He says looking up to me again I think he's looking into my eyes but it's impossible to tell with those glasses on, Heck he could be checking out one of those beautiful girls for all I know. "What an exotic name.." I can't put my finger on where i've heard it. His name is familiar what I can see of his face is familiar... "Well I don't want to be to straight forward but would you like to come back to my place?" "Uh...excuse you but no i'm not like that." I protested... I know where that can get me."Oh no! Not like that! I just wanted to get to know you better like to talk." I became red no guy has ever talked to me like this. "Oh...sure. Do you live close?" "Yeah! I live only a few blocks away actually." I only now noticed his british accent, when people have them it hardly phases me any more because I live in London after all, but the accent is something I never picked up on. We got up and started walking to his house, we were talking about the basics like how old we were, he was 19 so was I, We liked the same kind of music, we found each other intresting and we finally got to his flat. It was huge and I stared at it in amazement. "Well this is home." he said. "Oh my god Zayn this is huge!" Are you rich or something!? I said "Or somehting." He said slyly. When we got in It was even bigger then it had looked. "Oh wow Zayn this is amazing! I can't beleive you live here!" I heard one of h8is friends shouting from a near by room and Zayn Quickly pushed me up the stairs and we went into his room where he pulled his door closed. "What was that all about?" I asked. "Oh nothing I just don't want you to meet my friends yet." "Why?" I asked becoming confused. "I want you all to myself for the time being." He said and I blushed.

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