Falling Slowly

Francesca Anderson is not your ordinary 17 year old girl. For one thing, she has been homeless for the majority of her life. Second, she's already considered a criminal. Third, she has two boys from One Direction fighting over her. It all starts when she accidentally runs into Liam Payne while on a chase from security guards. When Liam invites her to stay with him after realizing that she's homeless, things get out of hand. Now, her past partner in crime (literally) JJ is out to get her. The boys of One Direction will do anything they can to keep her safe, and Francesca will do anything to keep them from finding out about her deepest, darkest, secret....


1. The Boy On The Bus


I stood on the crowded bus,  bored out of my mind. My feet ached from walking around London. I was by myself like I normally am. I held onto a random pole that was on the ceiling of the bus. Others were also standing in the aisle. Younger ones and elderly people were the lucky ones who got to sit.


The same stupid song I heard on the radio was now stuck in my head. The radio talkshow hosts kept raving about the song- probably because it had brain washed them.


"Baby you light up my world like nobody else" I sang softly before stopping myself.


"You like One Direction, eh?" a female voice said to me. I turned to see a tan girl with brown-black curly hair. She wore a cheetah tank top and a white denim jacket with jeans and a latte.




"One Direction. The singers of that song," she said with a smile.


"Oh! No, I just have the song stuck in my head," I said with a polite smile. The girl nodded and looked down, smiling.


"I'm Francesa Anderson by the way," I introduced.


"Danielle Peazer," the girl replied. After a silence, the girl walked away, and I thought I saw her giggling. She walked over to a kid with long brown hair and a plaid shirt. She whispered something to him, laughing. She nodded my way.


The boy smiled and began walking toward me. I pretended not to notice and be interested in my dirty fingers. I really need to wash them somehow. The boy leaned up against a seat across from me, Danielle giggling behind him.


"Hey." he said. Simple, but effective I thought.


I pretended to be shocked by his arrival. I looked up at him and gave him a clumsy smile. "Hi."


"Don't like One Direction?" the boy said.


"Don't know them." I said in the same monotone he used.


"You know one of them now. Hi, my name is Liam Payne," he smiled friendly, holding out his hand. Reluctantly, I shook it.


"Francesca Anderson," I replied.


"I'm one of five members of One Direction," he smiled.


"And I am one of two people who are getting bored of this conversation," I said sassily. I saw their cruel joke. Apparently he thought my retort was funny, because he laughed as if he hadn't planned to.


"Not funny," I snapped, turning my head because there was nowhere else to go.


"Aw, don't be upset. I just thought you were funny, love." Liam shrugged.


" I see your joke," I murmured.


"What joke? Is it as funny as yours?" Liam asked.


"Just leave me alone, will you?" I hissed.


"Oh, c'mon love, lighten up!" he smiled.


I began to walk away, pushing through the crowd with Liam following me when the bus stopped short. I fell back into Liam, who caught me in his arms, but accidentally whacked Danielle. The latte in Danielle's hand went shooting up into Danielle's face.


Danielle gasped, and shook off the latte. Liam and I stood there, dumbfounded. Danielle did her best to put on a smile, but it was kind of hard considering the fact that she was covered in coffee. Luckily nothing reached her face.


Liam turned to me. I turned to the bus exit and ran.


"Wait!" I heard him call. I kept running though, not looking back.

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