Falling Slowly

Francesca Anderson is not your ordinary 17 year old girl. For one thing, she has been homeless for the majority of her life. Second, she's already considered a criminal. Third, she has two boys from One Direction fighting over her. It all starts when she accidentally runs into Liam Payne while on a chase from security guards. When Liam invites her to stay with him after realizing that she's homeless, things get out of hand. Now, her past partner in crime (literally) JJ is out to get her. The boys of One Direction will do anything they can to keep her safe, and Francesca will do anything to keep them from finding out about her deepest, darkest, secret....


3. A So-Called Gang


"Welcome to la casa de Liam," Liam said as he opened up the door to his aparment. I gasped. I was expecting some old, rundown place but instead it was beautiful. It was huge for an apartment with a beige living room and a linked kitchen- with food. I didn't want to be rude and run to the kitchen, but I hadn't had real food since forever. Actually, I never had a real meal with plates and forks. There was a narrow hallway that I assumed led to more rooms.


"Wow." was my genius response. I blushed furiosuly after that.


"Can I get you anything to eat?" Liam asked.


"Um...I guess," I muttered.


"What is your favorite food? Whaddya want?" Liam inquired, opening the fridge. I stood awkwardly- it was only Liam and I after he had dropped off Danielle at her house.


"I don't have a favorite. I eat whatever I get," I finally answered. I made sure to keep a serious face- this kid can kill me at any point. Liam just laughed.


"How about pizza? You should eat up before the boys come- they will eat anything they get their hands on," Liam said, handing me a plate with three slices of pizza. I stared at them in awe. I was too hungry to care about whoever these "boys" were.


"They might be a little cold," Liam said, facing the fridge. I didn't care- I grabbed one piece and shoved it in my mouth. Liam turned around and looked surprised, but then just chuckled. I blushed once again.
"Sorry..I'm not being very polite, am I," I mumbled.


"I don't blame you. Except thats how Niall eats everyday, so I'm used to it." Liam rambled.


"I dunno who you're talking about," I said. Liam shrugged. "You probably wouldn't."


I finished the three slices within 20 minutes. Liam then escorted me to my new room. It was huge- a nice, king sized bed with a dresser, a fan, a mirror, and even a TV. I was so overjoyed I ran straight to the bed and flopped down.


"I'm staying here?" I asked. Liam nodded. I couldn't help but giggle. Then I felt vulnerable, as if I was giving in. I immediately stopped giggling and stood.


"You can settle in now," Liam said, and he walked out, leaving me alone.


I had to admit- I was scared. Not to mention confused. I had no idea what was going on. It was almost like...Liam cared. No...I just met him. He couldn't care. My mom had just met me when she left me.


I hesitantly sat back down on the bed. Taking it in, I suddenly was alarmed. The door of the flat swung open and loud voices came in. I heard laughter and jokes.


Quickly, I swooped up and opened the door silently. I crept through and into Liam's room.


It was even bigger than mine. Less sunshine, and the walls were painted navy blue. I scoped the room. It smelled of cologne. And then I saw it- an aliminum bat. I bit back a smile and grabbed it. Slowly, I opened the door and silently walked down the hall.


"Oh! That reminds me I have someone you might wanna meet," Liam said and turned to the hall. Four other boys become in sight. one had blonde hair and was currently laughing. Another had curly brown hair who was dancing with a brown-haired boy with stripes and red pants. Behind them, stood a boy with black hair who just watched with a serious face.


Liam saw me and gasped. "Francesca..." he began, coming towards me.


"No! Get away!" I said, voice trembling. I'm not going to have him attack me now that his gang was here.


The boys heard my voice and peered anxiously at the scene. The blond stopped laughing, and the two goofballs stopped short. "We're not going to hurt you," Liam promised, advancing towards me.


"How should I know?" I challenged. Liam froze, as if observing his opponent. And just like that, he lunged at me, grabbing at the bat. I swung it like a mad person.


"NO!" I cried as the boys watching gasped. The blonde one was the first to chase after us. Liam pushed me into the wall and took the bat, throwing it in his room.


"ARE YOU MAD?!" Liam hollered.


"YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!!" I screamed back in his face.


"INTRODUCE YOU! I WAS GOING TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MY BAND!" he said. I suddenly felt stupid. They were no gang. They were a band.


"Liam, calm down," the blonde said, and I realized he had an Irish accent.


"SHE TRIED TO KILL ME!" Liam hissed.


"SO DID YOU!" I yelled back.


"Stop." a voice said calmly. The mysterious boy with the black hair walked toward us with a lot of swag. He stepped in between Liam and I. "Who is she?" he asked Liam.


"My name is Francesca- but don't call me that. I prefer Frankie." I said.


"Ok, Frankie. I'm Zayn. Now why are you here?" Zayn asked.


"Who is she, lad?" Stripes asked Liam.


"I brought her here after saving her butt," Liam grumbled.


I looked down, suddenly embarassed. "I met her on the bus and she spilled latte on Danielle- which I had to admit was pretty funny. Then she just took off running. Danielle and I left and were walking when she ran into me- again. She was taken away by cops-" he said.


"Security." I corrected.


"Security." he continued. "And I said I could work this out. She was homeless."


"Is this true, Frankie?" Zayn asked. I nodded.


Zayn seemed to be pondering. "Welcome to the One Direction family." he smiled. I smiled along with him. All of the boys seemed to agree. I smiled.


Could this be my new home?

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