Falling Slowly

Francesca Anderson is not your ordinary 17 year old girl. For one thing, she has been homeless for the majority of her life. Second, she's already considered a criminal. Third, she has two boys from One Direction fighting over her. It all starts when she accidentally runs into Liam Payne while on a chase from security guards. When Liam invites her to stay with him after realizing that she's homeless, things get out of hand. Now, her past partner in crime (literally) JJ is out to get her. The boys of One Direction will do anything they can to keep her safe, and Francesca will do anything to keep them from finding out about her deepest, darkest, secret....


2. A Failed Attempt At Theft


I walked in casually to the grocery store, but I couldn't help panting because of my long run. I had to remember what I was here for. Food.


I searched the aisles, trying not to look suspicious. The store would probably know me by now. Bread! Just what I needed. I grabbed the bag and slowly slipped it into my jacket. I glanced around and began to walk out of the store.


"Wait a second," a deep voice said.


"Its that thief!" a shrilly voice screeched. I sighed. More running for me. I whipped around to see three large men bounding towards me. I immediately took off.


"Get her!" the shrilly voice said from behind me. I took off at full sprint. Shoot.


Holding onto the loaf of bread's package for dear life, I ran down the streets. I heard the men saying "Excuse me!" and "Watch out!" Luckily, I could slip right through the crowd.


After about five minutes, I began to slow down, yet the security guards kept running at full speed. I couldn't give up- not when I had come so far. What would they do with me if they caught me? Send me to an orphanage? Call the cops and arrest me?


Sneaking one glance, I looked over my shoulder. Yup, they were still there. I even noticed how one guard-


I hit into something hard and was sent flying all the way back. I landed on my back and rolled over. landing on my stomach. Apparently, this was causing quite a scene. I felt the warm blood on my face. Just a scrape I told myself. Shake it off.


"Finally!" a deep voice sighed. Two hands reached down and grabbed my arms. Suddenly, I was in the grip of two of the security guards.


"NO!" I screamed, struggling to get out of their grip.


"Whoa, what is going on here?" a familiar voice said. I held back a gasp and looked up.


The supposedly famous Liam Payne stood in front of me, Danielle Peazer cowering behind him. I don't blame her, it was quite a scene.


"This street brat has been stealing food from the grocery down the street for ages," the guard snapped, giving me a rough shake. I looked down, wanting to wipe the dirt and blood off of my face.


"Francesca Anderson?!" Liam said in awe. I sighed- my cover was blown.


"So, that's your name?" the left and more chubbier guard said.


I stayed silent and looked down. I was waiting for Liam to say "Alright, Francesca, nice seeing you again. You can take her away. Oh! And sorry 'bout that scrape on your face- you might wanna see a doctor or something!"


Instead, he did something that shocked me. "I'm sure this could be handled."


"Do you know how much she costed the grocery store?!" the squeaky-voiced guard said.


"Nope. But I'm sure I can pay you back," Liam offered.


"Wait!" the silent companion spoke up. "Your Liam Payne from One Direction! My daughter loves you!"


"Thank you? Look, can I write you out a check,," Liam began. The guards exchanged glances before one of them nodded. He took out a checkbook and scribbled the book, ripped something out, and handed it to the chubby one. He looked at it then nodded towards the guards carrying me.


They pushed me down on the ground, faceplant on the concrete. Again.This time, blood spilled from a gash in my forehead. I slowly looked up. Liam was holding out his hand. Reluctantly, I took his offer and he pulled me up.


"Are you crazy?! What were you doing, stealing things from that store?!" Liam shouted immediately. Shocked, I looked down.


"Liam..." Danielle whispered.


"It was the only way I could survive," I said in a brave but shaky voice.


"Survive? Where are your parents?! Your- what, 14?!" he cried.


"I'm 17! And...there gone. Besides, I don't need them," I shrugged as if It didn't hurt me.


"It sure looks like you do! That was $100 I just spent for you!" Liam snapped.


"A hundred dollars?!" I cried in awe. He must be rich! Which means... warmth and food!


"Yeah. Now c'mon," he said.


"Where are you taking me?!" I cried, backing away.


"Home. You need a place to stay. You can stay with me in my flat." he offered. I looked at him hesitatnly. His eyes were gentle...almost as if he cared. And Danielle, she was next to him smiling. Maybe they really did want me to live with them. I looked down again and slowly followed them.


"Thank you," I whispered, barely enough for Liam to hear. But by his caring smile, I could tell he did.

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