Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


24. Wedding Dress Shopping

"Alyssa! I hate you! Get out of my life! I don't want you anymore! You're ugly!" Louis screamed at me.

"What? I thought you loved me!" I replied in tears.

"I only wanted you because I thought you were hot. But I was wrong, go away!" He screamed again. I thought he loved me but it was all a lie.

"I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!!!!!" I screamed. I woke up and I was in tears.

"Alyssa?! What's wrong? Are you okay? It was just a dream babe, it was just a dream," Lou said while rocking me back and forth in his arms. We were sitting up on the bed and I was in his lap. I was sobbing and I just let the tears spill over.

"Do you want to talk about your bad dream?" Lou asked. I nodded yes and he waited for me to start.

"You said you hated me and you wanted me to get out of your life. You also said that you didn't want me anymore and that I was ugly. I thought you loved me Lou," I said in tears again.

"That's why you screamed 'I though you loved me!' Alyssa, I will always love you no matter what and you're beautiful and I will never, ever, ever leave you! My life would be worthless without you!" He replied. He kept rocking me back and forth and kept saying soothing words.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"About 6:30 in the morning. Why?" Lou replied.

"Oh... I was just wondering," I said with a cheeky smile. Lou started kissing me and pushed me down on the bed. He was hovering on top of me making sure he didn't put any of his wieght on me. He took off my shirt and shorts and then I took his pants off. He kissed my neck and I let out a soft moan. He kissed my lips again and I bet you know what happened next.


When we woke up, it was 10:00 in the morning and I could smell breakfast cooking. We put clothes on and then walked into the kitchen to find Harry cooking french toast.

"So how was your morning guys?" Harry asked with a wink.

"It was... uh... good," I replied. Lou laughed.

"Sounded more then good," Harry replied with a laugh. I elbowed him in the side when I walked over to get something to drink. He winced in pain.

"Karma's a bitch isn't it Curly?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Never talk about that again or I will do much worse then jabbing you in the side with my elbow," I threatened.

"Ooooh, I would just stop and continue cooking Hazza," Louis chimed in. We both laughed.

"So how was it?" Harry asked again while we sat down and ate.

"None of your busieness Curly," I said.

"It was amazing!" Louis exclaimed. I gave him a death glare and he shut up. It was really awkward after that. A few minutes later, Liam walked in with Danni.

"Guys, I just got a call from management saying we have rehearsals and we have to be at our usual studio," he said.

"What?" Danni and I said. "I thought you guys were off?" I asked.

"We did too babe. I'm so sorry," Lou said. He came over and hugged me.

"When do you have to go to the studio?" Danni asked.

"Noon," Liam replied. "How about you girls go and check out the town!" Harry suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea! The drive is like 10 minutes and the town isn't that big so we shouldn't got too noticed!" Danni said. After she said this, Niall, Zayn, and Julia walked out and Liam told them everything to them having rehearsals to me, Julia, and Danni going into town.

"Aww, I thought we were going to all go into to town and just have a good day," Zayn said.

"Aw Zayn, we can do that tomorrow!" I said. "SHIT! I have to go feed the horses!" I exclaimed.

"Okay! I'll come with you," Julia said.

"I'll come also," Danni joined in. We walked out of the back door and across the backyard. The back yard was about half an acre until we got to the barn.

The barn and house had the same outside stone. The stone was grey and the roof was brown and it looked 200 years old. The grass on and around the property was green and and lush. When you walked into the barn, you walked right into the feed room and tack room. Then there was a a door right on your right when you walked into the little room. It lead to a thin hallway where you could walk and drop feed instead of walking in and out of stalls. Then the next door lead to a room that was a wash stall and then a wide door that could  fit a horse through it that lead into the feild and stall doors that were under an overhang. Then feild spread for acres and acres. This place looked like it popped out from a fairy tale book and it was my dream house.

The house was huge! There were 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. The family room was large and had an extravagant fireplace and a huge TV. The kitchen was modern and really big too. I just wanted to live here for the rest of my life! There were trails and a creek and a pond where ducks lived.

When we got to the barn, Tundra and Sweet Pea were in their stalls waiting for their food. I got their food ready and I heard one of them bang their hoof against the wall.

"HEY! Knock it off!" I exclaimed. The banging stopped instantly. I got the food and put it into tubs (little short buckets meant for feed.) and then poured their feed into the feed buckets that were mounted on the stall walls. While they were eating I got 2 flakes of hay for each horse and dropped it into the stall. Then filled their water buckets. Danni helped with that and Julia started cleaning Sweet Pea's stall and I started cleaning Tundra's stall. When we were done, we walked back into the house and it was around 11:30 and all of the boys were getting ready. I walked into my room and saw Lou getting dresssed. I admired his fit chest and torso and he caught me looking.

"You like what you see?" He asked with a laugh.

"What?! Nooooo!" I said sarcatically and he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

"Not now Lou, you're already dressed!" I said.

"So?" He asked with a sexy laugh.

"So, you're almost ready and I really don't think Management wants you to be late," I replied. He sighed in defeat and finished getting dressed, then he went to the bathroom  to touch up his hair. After that, he pulled on his shoes. He was wearing khaki pants, a red and white shirt with stippes on it, red suspenders, adn red Toms. He came over and kissed me on the cheek and walked out of the room.

"Oh! Here is my cre-" he started reaching into his pocket.

"No... You're not paying for me again Lou. Not this time. I think we're actually going dress shopping and my parents gave me their credit card number and everything. You're not doing this the whole time I'm here," I said while shoving his hand back in his pocket.

"Okay, okay. If that's what you want," he replied.

"Yes, that's what I want,"

"Can I at least pay for your alterations then? Or I can pay for the dress and your parents can pay for alterations?" He asked.

"I don't know, you'll have to check with my parents," I replied. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number and he started talking. I didn't really pay attention to the conversations. He hung up and then said:

"You're parents liked my idea so here's my credit card and you have fun okay babe?"

"Okay, thank you,"

"And don't worry about the price okay? I want you to feel beautiful!" He said while kissing my lips.

"Haha okay," I said against his lips. When he pulled away he said good bye and walked out of the room adn then I heard good byes and then the door close.

"So what should we do?" Julia asked.

"I think there is a bridal shop around here. Do you wanna go?" I asked. "Oh! Danni! Do you want to be a bridesmade?" I asked hopefully.

"OH MY GOD YES!" She excalimed.

"Okay!" I replied with a laugh. We all got ready and then walked out of the door and into Danni's car. We drove into town and saw the bridal store and then walked in.

"Hello! Welcome to Bridal by Mandy! Who is the bride?" The consoltent asked.

"I am," I said while raising my hand.

"Congratualtions! What kind of dress are you looking for?"

"Ummm... I'm not sure... I think a ball gown," I said.

"And what's your budget?" She asked.

"Unlimited," I replied.

"Okay, and anything about your fiancee`?"

"Well, he's in a band and he wants to pay for my dress," I replied.

"Oh cool! What band?" she asked. I looked and Danni and Julia and they nodded which meant I could tell her.

"Ummm.... One Direction. But you can't say anything please!"

"Really?! Which one?! My daughter is in love with them!" She exclaimeed.

"Ummm... Louis Tomlinson," I replied.

"Oh! That's so sweet! I'm so happy for you two!"

"Thank you,"

"Okay! Lets find a dress for you!" We got up from the couch and started walking into the show room. There was this gorgeous ball gown that was poofy and elegant. It had beading and crystals on the bodice and top and then it poofed out and flowed to the ground with a long train.

"Can I try this on one?" I asked.

"Of course!" the consoltent replied. She took it off the manoquin and then we took it to a changing room. Then we found one that was a fitted dress that was more sexy and revealing. It had an open back and a slit up one side where my leg would go. I thought it was okay and I was willing to try it on so we took it off the rack and picked up a few more dresses. I really loved the first one that we saw. When we got to the dressing room, I tried on the sexy one then walked out and showed it to the girls and we didn't really like it. Then tried on the other ones that we picked and they were just okay, But then when I tried on the one that was on the manoquin and it hugged my body in the right places and it looked amazing on me. I walked out of the fitting room and showed it to Danni and Julia and they took forever to state their opinions.

"Alyssa... it looks amazing on you and you look absolutly stunning!" Julia came over and hugged me.

"Alyssa... you look incrediable!" Danni said and came over to join in the hug.

"Are you saying yes to the dress?" The consoltent asked.

"How much is it?" I asked.

"$10,000 American dollars," she replied.

"I have to call him," I replied. Danni handed me her phone and I called Liam.

"Hey babe," Liam answered.

"Hey Li, it's Alyssa. Is Lou there?" I asked.

"Oh hey Lyss! Ye-" he was cutoff.

"Carrot! Did you find anything?!" Lou screamed in the background.

"Did you hear that?" Liam asked.

"Yeah can I talk to him?"

"Yeah here he is,"

"Hey babe!" Lou said.

"Hey! I found a dress but it's $10,000 American dollars,"

"Then get it!" He exclaimed.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes!" He said.

"Okay, love you Carrot Prince," I told him.

"Love you too Carrot Princess!" He said that and hung up.

"I'm saying yes to the dress!" I told the girls and the consoltent. "I just need a veil," I told them. The consoltent left and came with an intricate cathedral veil and I tried it on and loved it! I ended up buying it and saw shoes that I liked. I paid for the shoes and veil and then I swiped Lou's card for the dress and we left with everything because the dress didn't need to be altered.

When we got back we put the dress in Julia's walk in closet so Lou or any of the boys wouldn't see it.

"We have to go dress shopping for you soon!" I said.

"Maybe another time! I have to get to dance practice!" Danni said and left. Me and Julia changed into our pajamamas and then made sandwiches for lunch then we watched The Twilight Saga together. Of course, we quoted the movie and laughed at our parts that were funny in the commentaries. By the time Breaking Dawn was over, it was dinner and the boys came home with something to eat. We all ate together and everyone kept asking about my dress.

"None of you except Liam are seeing it because Lou can't see it until I walk down the asile and Liam can keep a secret," I said. I grabbed Liam's hand and Julia stayed behind making sure the others didn't follow. I pulled him into the Julia's closet and showed him the gown.

"Alyssa! This is beautiful! You will look amazing on your wedding day!" Liam exclaimed and hugged me.

"Aw thanks Li!" I replied. We walked back into the kitchen and everything was cleaned up and everyone was in the family room watching TV. I cuddled with Lou and Julia was cuddling with Niall and we were all completely happy and  content with our lives. I though to myself, letting my mind wander until I thought this:

We're gonna have to tell the fans about the wedding.


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