Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


54. Valentine's Day


A few weeks have passed and it was Valentine's Day and I woke up to the sweet smells of maple syrup and pancakes. I opened my eyes to see Louis carrying a platter full of breakfast. 

"Good morning Alyssa! Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!" He said whilst placing the tray of food on my bed. There was a vase full of 12 small roses, one being fake. Then there was 2 plates, sausages, maple syrup, and pancakes. 

"I will love you until the last rose dies," Louis whispered to me. 

"But one is fake, it will never die..." I trailed off. 

"Meaning I will never stop loving you," he continued. I smiled and pecked him on the lips. We started eating and then I got up and walked into my closet to get his gift. I grabbed the medium size red bag and walked back to the bed. I then saw Louis reach down and got a big pink bag from his side of the room. 

"Happy Valentine's Day baby," I smiled whilst handing him my gift. He started opening the gift and pulled it out of the bag. He smiled up at me whilst holding up the brand new pair of black Toms with the yellow cancer ribbon for my dad on it. 

"These must've costed a fortune!" He exclaimed. 

"Well I bought them for you and the proceeds went to cancer research," I smiled at him. He handed me my present and I tore the gift paper out of the bag to reveal the gift. I pulled out sexy pajamas for Victoria's Secret along with some of my favorite perfume.

"You did not buy me this!" I laughed.

"Oh but I did and I want you to wear it tonight," he replied with a wiggle of the eyebrows. "But I did get you something else," he said whilst grabbing a little pink bag from the ground. He handed me the bag and I saw a felt covered jewlery box. I popped the lid and saw a necklace. It had a silver chain with 2 hearts connected. He handed me another box and it had a pair of diamond stud earrings ( I felt bad beacuse I only got him a pair of Toms. He must've saw something on my face because he asked me what was wrong.

"I only got you a pair of shoes and you got me expensive jewlery, pajamas, perfume, and flowers. I feel terrible because all of this must've costed a fortune and my shoes were only-" he cut me off.

"I don't want to know how much these cost because they're hand painted and I know those get expensive. Second, I got these for you because I love you and I know I don't need one day to tell you that. Also, I thought you would like these so I got them for you. Please smile for me today and don't worry about what you got me because I love them!!!" He said. 

"I love you too babe," I smiled whilst he blused. I leaned over to kiss him softly on the lips. He laughed at me and then wrapped me up in his arms. He then rested his head on my shoulder and left soft little kisses on my shoulder, neck, and jaw. 

"Stop babe, I have to go and feed the horses. My present to my mom," I smiled. He let go and I climbed out of bed to layer up. "I'll beback," I whispered. I walked out of bed and then walked out of my room. When I got off of the stair landing, I opened the backdoor and then out into the barn. All of the horses were in due to the winter months because it's colder at night so we keep them in the barn to stay warm. Anyway, I walked into the feed room and got the feed ready and heard the horses banging against the walls. 

"HEY KNOCK IT OFF!!!" I yelled. The sound stopped. I grabbed all of the feeding tubs and then walked out into the aisle and dropped the feed into the horses' feeding buckets. When I was done I just sat down in the middle of the of the barn and listened to the horses eating. It was a relaxing sound and it made me think of when I was little and I used to do this all of the time. 

"Alyssa? Where are you?" A voice asked. It was Lizzy.

"Yeah girl. In here," I replied. 

"Guess what?!" She whispered to me. 


"Harry texted me and asked me on a date!!" She exclaimed. 

OMG WHAT DID HE SAY?!" I jumped up from my sitting postion. 

"I just said he asked me on a date babes," she laughed. We were cracking up and then Ty and Louis walked into the barn. 

"What just happened?" Louis laughed.

"Well.... HARRY ASKED LIZZY ON A DATE AND SHE SAID YES!!!!" I exclaimed. It all came out in one word.

"Wait... Hazza asked you out?" Louis asked. 

"Yeah why? Is there something wrong with me?" Lizzed asked. 

"No you're absolutely gorgeous Lizzy! If Harry does anything to you I will kick his ass while country side makes an apperence!" I exclamied. 

"And I'm helping!" Ty said. 

"No you're not!" I said while climbing onto his back to put him in a headlock. I saw the wheelbarrow with frozen horse poop and got an idea. I took a piece and threw it at Ty's head then ran. 

"I'M GOING TO GET YOU ALYSSA!!!!!" Ty exclaimed. By this time I was near a tall tree and climbed it before he could see me. He ran by the tree and then I shimmied back down and ran for the barn. 

"Did you.. just...?" Louis trailed off.

"Yes I did! We always did this when we were younger," I smiled. Ty ran into the barn and then he saw me. He grabbed a piece from the wheelbarrow and then Louis gaurded me.

"Please dude, not in front of me and I really don't want my girlfriend smelling like horse shit," he laughed. 

"No problem man. You're going to get it Alyssa," he replied. He walked to Dreamer's stall and pulled him out and then I went into the Tundra's stall and did the same. 

"Want to go on a trail ride? Just me and you?" I asked. 

"Yeah sure! Uh... I'm just going to grab my bridle and hop on. You want me to grab yours?" He asked. 

"Yes please," he dissappered and then I brushed Tundra's face off and then Ty walked in, handing me my bridle. I slipped his halter off and his bridle on. "Can I have a leg up?" I asked Ty. He walked over and then hoisted me up onto Tundra's back. Ty climbed onto Dreamer's back and then we rode off.

"See you soon Alyssa! I love you!" Louis called. I wave back. I was in the front while Ty was behind me. 

"Soo..." Ty started awkwardly.

"What?" I laughed. 

"You're getting married. I mean, yeah, he's a nice guy but you're 19 Alyssa. Why the rush?" 

"I know I'm 19 Ty but I'm 150% sure about Louis. He's sweet and kind and he gets me. I can be myself around him and I don't know. He's amazing," 

"I get you and you're yourself around me," he whispered to himself.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing," he replied in a rush. 

"Look at the deer," I said- changing the subject- pointing to a doe and fawn.

"Look at that buck over there! 8-piont!" He whispered. The horses were completely calm and the buck kept walking along. By the time we got to the front field, I wanted to race.

"Race ya! On your marks... get set... go!" I exclaimed. I kicked Tundra and he bolted foward like a bat-outta-hell. I didn't look behind me but I knew I was sooo in the lead. When we got to the driveway, I won.

"I WON! I WON!" I exclaimed whilst Ty rolled his eyes. We walked back to the barn and Louis was waiting in front of the barn.

"Hey babe? Do you want to go out to lunch?" He asked.

"Yeah where do you want to go?" I replied. 

"Uhhh... maybe that little Italian place?" 

"Yeah sure!" I said whilst sliding down Tundra's back, Louis catching me and carrying me bridal style- I was still holding onto Tundra's reins. I was laughing and I saw Ty rolling his eyes. What was up with him? I brushed it off and then Lou put me down. I slippded Tundra's bridal off and put his halter back on then I clipped him to the cross ties. I walked into the tack room adn grabbed my cooler, then walking back into the barn, taking off Tundra's blanket and putting the cooler on. I clipped the lead to Tundra's halter and walked him into the indoor arena to cool him off. Louis followed us and hung around by the fence. 

"Tundra? I want to say thanks for everything for the past few months. I don't know I would do without you," I whispered him. He looked at me with that loving look he always gave me. When he was cooled off, I looked at the time and it was 10:00. I took him to the barn and put his blanket on then turned him into the field. He trotted over to his friends like my mother's big grey horse Jack and Scout. He ate his hay and I was watching him when I felt arms wrap around me and a head on my shoulder. 

"Hey baby," Louis whispered. 

"Hey, I, uh, should get ready," I laughed. He let go of me and then I ran towards my house. I climbed up the stairs and into my closet to pick out my clothes ( I jumped into the shower and let the dirt wash away. After that I dried my hair and straightened it. When I was done with that I put make up on then my clothes Louis was waiting for me on my bed on his phone. When he looked up, his jaw dropped.

"How do I look?" I asked with a smile.

"Perfect," he whispered whilst walking towards me. "You look beautiful," 

"Thank you. Should we be going?" 

"Yes," he smiled. He grabbed my hand and lead me down the stairs and into my little VW Beetle. He closed my door and walked in front of the car and then started it. We drove for about 10 minutes and then parked the car in the car lot. He helped me out of the car and then we walked hand-in-hand  into my favorite Italian place. 

"Table for 2 please," Louis said to the host. He lead us to a private area where we sat down. A few minutes later a lady came and took our drink orders. She soon walked away.

"You look beautiful today Alyssa," Louis smiled at me. 

"You already said that Louis," I laughed. He grabbed my hand from across the table and squeezed it.

"I just want to tell you because some people just don't see it," 

"Thank you," I smiled. The lady came back with our drinks and then we ordered our food.

"I'll have the chicken parm please," I said.

"And for you sir?" She asked Louis.

"I'll have the same thing as her," he replied without taking his eyes off of me. 

"Thank you for today," 

"You're welcome baby!" He exclaimed. "Alyssa? I have a question for you,"

"What is it?" I asked in a confused tone.

"How much do you love me?" 

"Well... I don't think I can explain. You make me smile and luagh and feel like I am myself with you. I've never had a relationship like this with anyone else. I love you as much as Winne the Pooh loves Honey or as much as flowers love sunlight. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you," I told him. "Why?" 

"I was just wondering," he replied. 

"Was there a reason to your question?" I asked. 

"I sometimes wondered how you could love me. I mean... I'm only Louis Tomlinson from a little town in Yorkshire called Doncaster. When I first met you, I thought you would only love me as the Louis from One Direction who loves a bird named Kevin and wears colored pants," he laughed but then contiuned. "But then I figured out that you actually love the guy from Doncaster," 

"That's how you always were to me. I mean before I met you I loved the guy from One Direction but I am IN love with you Louis," 

"I'm in love with you too Alyssa. Always have, always willl," he said to me with love in those crystal blue eyes. He leaned across the table and kissed me. He cupped my cheek and rubbed small circles with his thumb. Of course this caused me to blush.

"You're cute when you blush," he laughed and of course it made the blush on my cheecks go a shade darker. Our food came out and we pulled away from eachother. I started eating and then I saw Louis smiling.

"What?" I asked. 

"I love how you're not afriad to eat in front of me. Some girls don't like eating in front of me," he replied. I shrugged and continued eating. When we were done eating, we went home and I dressed into barn clothes. It was sunny and 55 degrees out. (

"You wanna go on a trial ride Louis?" I asked.

"Yeah sure! Let me go change," 

"I'll meet you in the barn," I smiled and walked out of the house. I got the saddles and everything from the tack room and then got the brushes. After that, I got two halters and two lead ropes then walked into the field to get Tundra and Bongo. The two horses followed me to the barn where Louis was waiting for me. He brushed Bongo and then I saddled up both horses. 

A few months ago, I taught Louis how to ride and brush a horse. He can walk, trot, and canter and loved it! When we were ready, we both got on and then we headed off on the trails. 

We were riding side-by-side and then I was a little in front of him leading the way. I heard the snap of a camera and then I turned around and saw Louis wearing a cheeky smile. 

"You did not! I look terrible!" I exclaimed. 

"To late! Already on Twitter!" He laughed. My phone buzzed indicating I had a mention from Twitter. I'll check it later. When we got to the front field, I stopped Tundra and Louis stopped Bongo. 

"Here," I said whilst taking out my phone, going to the camera, and pointing the view towards me and Louis. "Smile baby!" I exclaimed. We both smiled and the picture was so cute. I uploaded it to Twiter.

"Great Valentine's Day trail ride with @Louis_Tomlinson, Tundra, and Bongo! #greatday" I tweeted it and then got a ton of favorites, re-tweets, and mentions. I decided to check the picture Louis tweeted.

It was me on Tundra with my left arm on my hip and I was looking to the side. You could see the profile of my face and Tundra was just walking along the trial. 

"Louis, this picture is beautiful. I... I love it!" I said  in shock. 

"See I told you it was good!" He replied. 

"You want to run?" I asked with excitement in my eyes.

"Yeah sure! Race ya!" He exclaimed.

"On your marks... get set... go!" I exclaimed. I kicked Tundra's sides and he leaped forward, both reins in my hand, and I was leaning forward (if you watch barrel racers on YouTube like Fallon Talyor you'll see what I mean), my hair was flying behind me and I was having fun! When we got to the driveway, I stopped Tundra and then turned around, seeing Louis close behind me.

"So you can keep up now?" I laughed. 

"Hell yeah!" He exclaimed. 

"Lets go back to the barn," I smiled. I held my hand out and he grabbed it. We walked the horses up the driveway and this is how I wanted my life to be like. 

"What time is it?" I asked.

"About 3:00," he replied. 

"Lets get the horses back in the field and go watch movies," I replied.

"Or we can-" 

"No we're watching movies," I laughed. We were at the barn and we got off. After that we cooled the horses off, turned them out, cleaned up, went into the house, showered, and cuddled in my room. We were watching Breaking Dawn Part 1. Louis started kissing me and of course I kissed back which lead to something and you can guess what happened next. ;) 



Hey guys Happy Valentines Day! I hope some of you had a boyfriend to be with because I didn't haha :) 

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