Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


33. Truly In Love...

Louis and I were watching movies all day and I have to say, it was just a bum kinda day. We were watching 'The Notebook' and of course I cried when Noah was telling Allie about the letters. Louis was quoting the scene whilst wiping my tears away.

Young Allie: Why didn't you write me? Why? It wasn't over for me, I waited for you for seven years. But now it's too late. 

Young Noah: I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year. 

Young Allie: You wrote me? 

Young Noah: Yes... it wasn't over, it still isn't over

"Don't cry babe. You know I won't leave you right?" Louis said. 

"I know you won't babe," I replied. He kissed me on the head and we continued to watch the movie and then after that we watched 'Beauty and The Beast'. In the middle of the movie Louis started singing 'Little Things' and I smiled.

"Alyssa, you're perfect to me," he told me.

"Doesn't feel like it sometimes," I mumbled to myself.

"Well you are. That day we met, I knew you were going to be mine forever. I knew we would be watching movies and just enjoy each others' company. You're perfect to me and you're beautiful. I love you babe," he told me then kissed my forehead.

"I love you too babe. I wanted to tell you something. When we went to that concert, I never thought Julia and I would actually meet you. When Julia introduced me to your music, I felt beautiful for the first time in months because my asshole ex broke up with me and my 'best guy friend' won't talk to me anymore because he started dating this girl. Then he asked me to smoke pot with him and I said no! But when I listened to your music I felt so beautiful and don't tell the boys this; but you were always my favorite. Then she showed me the video diaries and I laughed my ass off!" I confessed to him. 

"Really?! I was always your favorite?!" He asked.

"Yes you were," I replied whilst blushing.

"Am I still your favorite?" 

"Nope... Liam is!" I laughed. "Of course you are babe," I giggled.

"Good now lets keep it that way," he laughed. We got out of bed and then we tip-toed to the kitchen and all the lights were out and everyone was in their rooms sleeping. We walked into the kitchen and found some peanut butter and crackers so we decided to eat them. I scooped some peanut butter onto the cracker and then I popped it into my mouth. Louis went into the fridge and got a carrot and ate it.

"I've got an idea!" I said whilst grabbing a carrot and walking to the back door. When I stepped out into the night, it was a little cold and Lou was following me but it felt like I was being watched. We walked into the barn and both horses were in their stalls and I walked into Tundra's and said hello. Lou came in and wrapped his arms around my waist while I was hugging Tundra. 

"Look at me!! I'm spending time with the two boys I love!" I said. "But I love you more Tundra," I whispered.

"What did you say?" Louis asked.

"Nothing," I replied with a giggle. I kissed Tundra on the cheek and then turned around and kissed Louis. "Here you go Gummy," I said to Tundra and gave him the carrot. I grabbed Louis' hand and we walked back to the house and he picked me up and carried me back to the house. When we got to the house, we went to our room and went right to bed.


The light was streaming through the window and I heard a guitar playing. What the hell? 

"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea and maybe that's reason that you talk in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep though it makes no sense to me." I heard someone sing.

"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape. You never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me." I heard another voice sing.

"You'll love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to. If I let you know I'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh." I heard an Irish voice sing.

I opened my eyes and saw all of the boys in my room and they were all singing the chorus. My eyes teared up and someone wiped them away. I smiled and got out of bed.

"Thanks guys, that really made me feel better," I said.

"No problem Lyssie!" Harry exclaimed.

"Dog pile!" Niall exclaimed. Then when he said that, they all jumped onto the bed and I was on the bottom of the pile. 

"Guys!! I can't.... breath!" I said.

"Oh sorry babe," Zayn replied. They jumped off of the bed and helped me out of bed. We walked out of the room and into the kitchen then Liam and Harry started making breakfast. They other guys and I went into the family room and watched some TV. The reruns of The X-Factor were on and it was the season they boys were on.

"Keep this! We never got the UK shows so Julia and I never saw any of the episodes on TV!" I exclaimed. They kept it on and it was the episode where the boys sang 'Torn' on the live shows. I was watching my best friends and boyfriend on the screen and I was completely amazed! They looked so young and I had happy tears in my eyes and then the song ended.

I can't believe that a year and a half ago, Julia and I were just imagining life with them and now that the dream is reality, it couldn't get any better than that! I can remember the day she showed me their other songs.


**Flash Back*

I went over Julia's house for a sleepover and her and I were just chilling out in her room.

"Alyssa, have you ever heard of One Direction?" Julia asked me.

"Only their one song but they seem okay, why?" I replied.

"You, my friend, have not lived," she reached over and plugged in her radio and we listened to them for an hour. When it was 3:00 PM I knew all of the lyrics to the songs and then after that Julia reached over and then she went onto YouTube and she typed in 'One Direction Video Diaries' and we watched all of them- even the tour diaries and we laughed the whole time.

**Flash  Back Over**

"Alyssa? Do you want to go shopping?" Louis asked

"Uhhh.... sure....." I replied. I looked at Julia as if I was asking her if was okay for her to take care of the horses. She nodded. 

"Okay, go get dressed babe and we can leave," Louis told me. I walked off to my room and I pulled out a pair of jeans and then I walked out of the room and then out the backdoor because I didn't know what the temperature was. I stepped onto the deck and it was kind of chilly so I walked back inside and then grabbed a grey sweater and then I straightened my hair and threw a maroon beanie on and then put mascara and eyeliner on. I went back to my closet and grabbed my black Toms. I then grabbed my purse and made sure that my wallet was in there and it was. I walked out of the bedroom and into the family room and Louis was dressed. Guess he got ready while I was in the bathroom.

"Lets go babe!" I exclaimed. He got up and took my hand and I said a good-bye to everyone and then we walked out of the house and into the car. 

"So did you find dresses for the bridesmaids?" Louis asked. 

"Yes I did and your mother came with us and we had so much fun!" I replied. He asked questions about my dress and other details about the wedding until we got to the mall. 

I climbed out of the car and Louis walked next to me. We walked into some stores and when we found dELIA*s, Louis lead me into the store and we walked up to the table where they presented the One Direction merchandise and he picked up a shirt with Louis' picture on it and signature. He looked for my size and then walked away to the jeans. Of coursem he picked up a red pair, blue pair, and a regular pair with the Union Jack flag on it. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. I walked out and then he paid for my clothes. Then a fan spotted us. Crap. 

"Louis and Alyssa? Can I have a picture?" She asked.

"Yeah sure," we replied at the same time. Her friend took a picture and then the friend rolled her eyes at me. Louis noticed that.

"Why did you roll your eyes?" He asked.

"Because your girlfriend is annoying me," she replied.

"Well then you don't need to take the picture and you friend will catch up with you later because Alyssa and I are in love,"

The friend that was taking the picture with us looked at her friend with pure anger.

"I can't believe you Taylor! I get to meet 1/5 of the boys who made me feel pretty and all you do is hate on their girlfriend!" She exclaimed. The so called "friend" handed the girl her phone and then walked away. Good- I don't have to see the bitch. "I'm so sorry about her... I never really liked her anyway," I hugged her and so did Louis. We parted ways and then Lou and I walked into another store. Our hands were intertwined and we were truly in love...

We were at the mall for a few hours and then we went to Nando's for lunch. After that we went home and I put my stuff away. After that, I walked out to the barn and I groomed Tundra and I then sat in his stall and listened to him eat his hay. I guess I fell asleep because someone was waking me up and the voice wasn't from Julia or any of the boys. 

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