Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


14. "I Love you"

**Alyssa's P.O.V.**

When I woke up, it was around 5:30. I got out of the bed and I was still in my bathing suit. So I got my pajamas and just changed into the bedroom. When I was dressed, I brushed my hair and put it up in a messy bun. I went into the family room and everyone was on the couch. I sat on the floor because there was no room and then someone picked me up. It was Louis. He had sweatpants on and a hoodie and his gorgeous blue eyes were boring into my hazel eyes. He picked me up bridal style and placed me on his lap. My legs were draped over the arm of the couch because he was the last person on the far right. We were cuddling and he was rubbing my back and he would kiss my cheek every 5 minutes or so. 

"Can we watch a movie?" Laim ased.

"What movie?" replied Zayn.

"What about 'The Notebook'?" I suggested.

 "I really don't feel like crying," Julia chimed in.

"What about 'The Incredibles'?" I suggested.

"Okay!" All of the boys exclaimed. We put the movie in the DVD set and we watched the movie. When the movie was over we ordered room service and ate in the kitchen. Julia and I were planning a Girls' Day tomorrow while the boys were at rehearsals.

"Where do you want to go?" asked Julia.

"Ummm.... I don't know. We'll figure it out. How much money do you have?" I asked.

"Like $15,000. But it's for the whole 2 months so I can't just blow it all," she replied. 

"Same! I just have to spend wisely," 

"Alyssa, what if I gave you my credit card?" Louis asked.

"No it's f-" 

"No, you're taking it whether you like it or not," he said. He smiled a cheeky smile.

"And Julia can take mine," suggested Niall.

"Nialler, I can't do that to you. You already spoil me too much," replied Julia.

"But I want to pay for it Julia," he said. He gave her the puppy dog eyes and she finally gave in.

"Okay! Fine!" she giggled. He did too and then kissed her on the cheek. When we were done eating, we went to go swim again in the indoor pool because there was nothing better we could do. We got dressed and went to go swim.

"Let's have a race!" I told Louis. "Liam! You say 'Go' okay?!" I asked.

"Okay!" Lou and I got ready. "One... Two... Three... GO!" I bolted, my legs we carrying me so fast that my long hair was behind me. I quickly turned my head and saw that Lou was about 5 feet behind me. When we got to the elevator, I stopped and said, "I won! Woooo!" and did a happy dance.

"Yeah, yeah, don't rub it it..." said Louis.

"Awe, babe, don't be mad..." I went over and gave him a hug. He hugged me back then put me over his shoulder fireman style. 

"Lou! Put me down! Please!" I said I was kicking and I hitting his back. Then I hit his bum and he still didn't put me down! "Come on! Please?!" I asked again.

"Nope! I'm carrying you like this until we get to the pool," he replied. 

"Ugh, fine," I gave in. When we got on the elevator, I was still over his shoulder and I felt us go down to the pool. 

When we entered the pool area, I took my shorts off and ran into the pool and did a cannon ball. When I came up, everyone was clapping.

"Why is everyone calpping?" I asked.

"Because the was a jolly good show!" Julia replied doing the worst British accent I have ever heard. Of course, we were all dying of laughter! Louis then jumped into the pool screaming. Of course i laughed again. He swam over to me and started humming the acoustic version of "One Thing" and I teared up a little bit. I knew I only wanted him for the rest of my life; for the rest of forever. I could go on tour with them because I was out of high school and I was planning on taking a gap year.

"Alyssa? What's wrong? Did I hurt you? Did I do someth-" I cut him off.

"You haven't done anything wrong! You're doing the complete opposite! You've made me happy and you make me feel beautiful. I only want you and I love you," I whisper.

"I love you too. You are beautiful. I only want you, forever and always, love. You make me happy and I love how you care about me, Julia, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Tundra, your family, and your other friends. You make me feel whole and I don't know what I would do without you. When I met you at the concert, I knew you were the one I was meant to be with forever. You are my life now," he whispered back. He leaned down and kissed me; the kiss was sweet and passionate. 

"I think we should go back to the hotel room," he suggested. I nodded and with that we got out of the pool and dried off. We walked out of the pool area; holding hands with our arms intertwined, you know how they do in the movies. I heard Harry laugh and Lou gave him the 'Sass Masta' glare. We walked to the elevator and pressed our floor number.

"Lou, I don't know if I'm ready..." I trailed off.

"Babe, you could trust me... I won't hurt you," he replied.

"I know you won't...." I trailed off again. We got to the hotel room and we walked into our bedroom. He led me to the bed and I bet you could guess what happened next.



**Next Morning (Louis' P.O.V.)**

When I woke up, Alyssa was still sleeping, she was so beautiful. I wanted her with me for the rest of forever. I know we've only been dating for only about a month and a half, but I know I was going to be with her. I was going to buy her a ring today. I texted Liam if he could call Paul and see if he and I could take the off of rehearsals. He texted back and Paul said we could go. 

I got out of bed and put clothes on and then went to the kitchen to make Alyssa breakfast in bed. I made her pancakes and bacon. Of course Niall came out and tried eating it. I slapped his hands away and got the orange juice. Then, I walked into our room and she was awake and dressed on her phone. I walked over and placed the tray on the bed. She kissed me on the cheek and said thank you.

"So where are you shopping?" I asked while eating some pancakes.

"Ummm... we don't know," she replied. I nodded. When we were done eating, I took the tray into the kitchen and cleaned up. She was in the family room with Julia.

"Where do you want to shop?" Alyssa asked.

"I don't know... We can just wing it," Julia replied. They both laughed.

"Oh! Babe, here's my credit card," I said to Alyssa. She took it and she looked guilty.

"Julia! Here's mine!" Niall came over and handed his credit card to Julia. She also looked guilty. They both walked off and got ready. Niall and I watched TV until they came back. Alyssa was wearing yoga pants, the Jack Wills hoodie I bought her, Ugg tasmins, she had no make up on, and her hair was in a messy bun. She grabbed her purse and came over to say good bye to me.

When the girls walked out, me and Liam got ready to go ring shopping.

"So where are you two going?" Zayn asked.

"Ring shopping for an engagement ring for Alyssa," I replied.

"Shouldn't you call her father first to ask for permission?" he suggested.

"Oh yeah, I should do that right now," I said whilst pulling out my phone. It rang 5 times before Chuck answered.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey Chuck! It's Louis!" I replied.

"Hey Lou! How's it going?" 

"I was... uh... wondering...." he I was stuttering. "If I could marry Alyssa. I know we've been only going our for 2 months; but I was planning on asking her in a few months. I just wanted to ask you before I bought a ring," I said.

"Louis, I approve of you, and I would love for you to be my son-in-law. I know you will protect her and provide for her. So Rene` and I give you two our approval," he replied.

"Thank you so much. I have to go but I will call you before I propose," 

"No problem Lou; and if you want to propose soon, you can because I know you two will be together forever," he replied. 

"Bye Chuck!"

"Bye Lou!" and when he said that, I hung up. 

"Liam, get dressed! We're leaving soon!"

"Okay! Give me 10!" he replied. While I was waiting, I was thinking about what kind of ring to get her. I was also trying to plan the best proposal ever. Liam walked out and then we left.

We left the hotel room and to the elevator. I put on a beanie and some sunglasses and so did Liam. When we got to the lobby, no one was there so we left the building and walked to the nearest jeweler's. 

"Hello! Are you guys looking for anything in particular?" the consultant asked.

"May I see your engagement rings?" I asked. She led us to the glass counter and there were so many of rings! There was one that really stood out. It had a diamond in the middle and then 2 small diamonds on each side. It was gorgeous. 

"I like this one. How much is it?" I asked.

"$7,500," she replied.

"I'll take it!" I said. She took off of display and wrapped it up and I paid for it and I paid for it. Liam and I walked out if the store and back to the hotel. Everyone was gone so we just laid around and watched TV.




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