Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


11. Haters

**1 Month Later**

**Alyssa's P.O.V.**

I asked my parents if I was able to go to London and of course they said yes!! We're leaving tomorrow and Louis refused for me to pay for my own ticket. He paid for mine, such a gentleman he is. As I was packing at my house, Louis walked in my room and said, "Do you want help?"

"I'm almost done but thanks anyway," I pecked him on the cheek and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"After you're done we're gong out to lunch with everyone, Julia is coming, too," he told me.

"Where are we going?" I asked. I was curious.

"I don't know yet," he replied. I was done packing and we walked out to the car and pulled out of the driveway. When we got to the hotel, we had to go around back becasue of all the fans. when we walked into the hotel room, everyone was sitting on the couch watching TV. "Where are we going for lunch? I'm starving!!" Exclaimed Niall. He was always hungry!!

"Is there a Nando's around?" He asked.

"I think so.... It's like 20 minutes away though," replied Julia. I'm guessing she looked it up on her iPhone.

"YESSSS!!!" Niall exclaimed. He jumped off of the couch and did a fist pump and did his 'Horan Jump'. We all laughed and got up to go out to the limo. We walked through the lobby and of course there were girls. "OMG NIALL WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!" Screamed a group of girls.

"BACK OFF!! He's mine!!!!" I turned around to see who said that. It was a familiar voice. It turned out to be it was Julia!!!! We all laughed because of the look on her face. It was red like she was blushing and she was hiding behind Niall now.

"Niall doesn't want a bitch like you. You only love him because he's famous. And you little miss nobody," she pointed at me. "Go find someone else because you only love Louis because its probably the only guy you can get!!!"

"No one says that about my girlfriend!!!" Louis screamed back. He was pissed you could tell. The girls were screwed. The 'Sass Masta from Doncasta' was going to come out in 3...2...1...

"Say one more thing about my girlfriend and by best mate's girlfriend. I. Dare. You." He was in the girls' faces.

"We were kidding! Can you sign this?"

"Are you kidding me?!?! After you do that to our girlfriends you want me to sign something for you?" He asked. "The answer is no and you two might as well leave because none of us are going to sign anything for you," and when he said that and walked away the two little bitches turned around and left.

"Babe, you didn't have to do that. I could stick up for myself," I told him.

"Yes I did, you're my Carrot Princess and I always have to look out for my princess," he told me with the sweetest look in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed me. All of the true 'Directioners' were all like "Awwwwww!" Those are the kind of fans I like.

"Alyssa and Julia?? Can we have your autograph? We were at the horse show you were at a few weeks ago. Good barrel pattern by the way!" I remember those two girls! We were all hanging out waiting for our runs.

"Of course you can!" We both replied. We walked over and signed stuff and took pictures. We talked about how we did at the show until we had to go.

"Hope to see you next time!" I told them.

"You too!!" The girl Anna replied. They were about 15 and 16. Me and Julia walked over to the boys and we formed a line. Me and Julia in the middle, then Louis on my left then Harry next to him and Zayn next to Harry, then Niall was on Julia's right and next to him was Liam. The other guys were like my brothers. They always looked out for us and that's what I love about them. We loaded into the car and drove away. I sat next to Louis and Harry. Niall and Julia were on the other side of the limo and they were talking to Liam and Zayn.

"So Harry, did you see any girls you like yet?" I asked.

"The girl you were talking to seemed nice, Anna I think her name was," he replied.

"Awwww!!!! At the show a few weeks ago she was talking about you saying how you're so sweet!" I said. "I can maybe hook you up!"

"Really?!" He asked.

"Yeah! I'll text her later," but then I remembered something. "But we're leaving tomorrow for London,"

"We'll have to come back one day or another!" Louis said.

"I'll text her when we come home from London. Deal?" I asked Harry.

"Deal!" We shook on our new promise. About 15 minutes later we got out of the limo and we entered Nando's. "I've never been here before!" Said Julia.

"WHAT?!?! That needs to change babe! If we are going to be a couple then we have go to Nando's all the time!" Replied Niall. He gave her a peck on the cheek 

"Haha okay babe," she replied.

"I love your laugh. I love you," Niall told her. He looked her in the eyes while whole saying it too.

"Okay! None of that lovey dovey stuff!!" Harry exclaimed. We all laughed and walked in. The restaurant was really quiet so we were seated in no time. We ordered and we laughed and talked. We were having a good time. When the food came we were all quiet. I looked over at Niall and he was almost done. Julia was looking at him like "what the hell?!?!?" I started laughing at her expression almost choking on my chicken. Louis was patting my back and offered me a sip of his drink. When we were done we paid for our food and left.

When we got home everybody else started packing their bags. Niall took Julia to her house to pack and came back in about an hour. We were going to be in the U.K. for about 2 months. Our flight was around noon and the airport was an hour away, so we had to leave around 9:00.  None of us is a morning person except me.  I get up for the horse shoes early and sometimes feed the horses their breakfast at 6:30.

By 4:00 everyone is done packing and we watched a movie. We watched Paranormal Activity and I am not a fan of horror movies and neither is Julia.So every time something scary happened we yelped or jumped and buried our faces in our boyfriends' chest. Of course Haz made fun of us but Louis and Niall comforted us. Louis always rubbed my back and made me feel better. By the time the movie was over it was dinner so we ordered room service and we talked about embarrassing things like how I was getting ready to do my barrel pattern and my pants split. Or how Haz fell on stage during "What Makes You Beautiful" in one of their concerts. We just talked like we were best friends since we were in diapers, but we've only friends for a little over a month.  

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