Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


31. Girls' Day

**Alyssa's P.O.V.**

When the boys left, I had a few tears escape but I got over it. But then I remembered that I had to teach the girls how to ride.

"Julia? Can you help me teach the girls how to ride?" I asked her.

"Yeah sure! Lets go to the barn and brush the horses and saddle up girls!" She said.

"Yay!" Phoebe exclaimed. She grabbed my hand and Daisy held Julia's hand. We walked to the barn and grabbed the saddles and brushes and then Julia and I went into the field to grab the horses. When we reached the boys I hooked up his halter and a lead, then I asked Julia for a leg up on his back. I then did a 180 degree turn and then ran him towards the barn. I was holding onto his mane and then I felt like I was flying. 

When I am riding, I feel free and I just feel that the world is just the space in between  my horse's ears. I could feel every muscle working and feel his stride and then in a short few minutes, we got back to the barn and the girls were waiting for me.

"Whoa boy, easy. You guys want to brush him up and then ride?" I asked.

"Yeah sure!" Lottie replied. I hopped off of Tundra and we started brushing him up. When I was getting ready to saddle up, Julia came up with Sweet Pea and it looked like she was crying. 

"Smuckers? Are you okay?" I asked her in a worried tone.

"PB? Can I talk to you alone?" 

"Yeah babe," I replied. "Can you go up to the house and I'll be right there guys," I asked the girls.

"Yeah! Sure. Julia, if you need to talk I'm all ears," Lottie said. Julia smiled back and the girls walked up the house. 

"What's wrong babe?" I asked her.

"What if Niall finds some other girl that is so much prettier than me? What if he doesn't want me anymore?" 

"Call him right now and talk to him," I told her. She took out her phone and then I walked back up to the house and she stayed in the barn with Sweet Pea.


**Julia's P.O.V.**

I pulled out my phone and called Niall. It rang 3 times and he picked it up.

Niall: Babe! It everything okay?

Me: I guess... I just miss you and I want you to come back.

Niall: I'll be back in three days!

Me: I know, I'm just worried that you'll find someone else and leave me. 

Niall: Babe, that will never happen! I promise you okay? I will love you until the day I die okay? I want to wake up everyday next to you and know that you're mine. I want to be with you forever and I would never ever leave you okay? I don't see any other girls anymore. All I see is you and your beautiful eyes that sparkle when you're happy, your beautiful smile that rarely is hidden, your hair that cascades down your back, and I just love you Julia. Okay?" 

Me: I love you too Niall. I just don't want to be left broken and not trusting anyone anymore.

Niall: What is up with the American boys? *laughs* Do they not know how to treat a girl right at all? Did their fathers not teach them how to treat a girl?

Me: Guess not! *laughs*

Niall: Well babe, I'm sorry but I have to go. I'll call you later okay?

Me: Okay babe, I love you.

Niall: Bye babe.

When we got off of the phone I felt so much better and I continued to brush up Sweet Pea. I forgot that Alyssa and the girls were still in the house so I texted Alyssa saying I was done on the phone and that everything was okay. 


**Alyssa's P.O.V.**

When Julia texted me saying she was okay I let out a sigh of relief and then got up from the couch and the girls followed me back to the barn. We walked into the barn and I saddled up Tundra. I put on his saddle pad and then the saddle Harry gave me, then I put on his bridle and then I walked him around the little field to warm up. When he was done warming up I hopped off and the girls were practically jumping up and down with excitement.

"Who wants to go first?" I asked.

"I do!" They all replied.

"Fizzy! You first!" I exclaimed. "Smuckers? Can you video tape it so I can send it to Louis?" I asked her.

"Yeah sure!" She replied while I gave her my phone. 

"Okay Fizz, to go right you're going to take your left leg and squeeze his side then to go left you take your right leg and squeeze his side. To stop, you lean back, pull back on the reins, put your feet out in front of you, and say 'whoa'. Got it?" I instructed.

"Got it!" She replied. I walked beside her for a few laps and then I let her go on her own. She did everything right and I smiled. I took the phone away from Julia and faced the view towards me on my iPhone then I started talking to the camera to leave a message for Lou.

"Hey Babe! Fizzy is doing good and I miss you! Have fun! Love you! Mwah!" I said. I stopped recording and sent it to him. "Julia? Can you tack up Sweet Pea and we can put whoever wants to go next on him?" I asked her.

"Yeah! Who wants to help?" She said. All of the girls wanted to help so they walked off with her and then Fizzy wanted to tell me something so I walked over to her

"Alyssa... I know you love my brother and you won't hurt him right?" She asked, hesitating a little.

"Fizzy I would never ever hurt your brother. I actually need to tell you girls something when they get back from helping Julia. Your brother is the most sweetest guy I have ever met and sometimes think that he deserves better than me," I told her. 

"Thanks Lyssa, and I know you would never hurt him and I'm glad you're gonna be my sister!" She exclaimed. When she said that, the girls and Julia walked out.

"Girls! I have to ask you something!" I said. They walked over and I continued. "Would you guys like to be bridesmaids in the wedding?" I asked, hoping they would say yes.  

"OMG YES! WE WOULD LOVE TO!" They exclaimed whilst jumping. Tundra just stood there and was just eating grass; only him! He made me giggle a little bit. When the girls were jumping, my phone was ringing. I took it out of my pocket and looked at the screen, it was Louis. I answered it quickly.

Me: Hey babe.

Louis: Hey Carrot! I just wanted to check on you girls!

Me: Well I asked your sisters if they wanted to be in the wedding and they said yes! How's London?

Louis: Aw that was nice of you! It's going pretty well! We're in the middle of writing a new song and it's almost ready! I'll show you when we get home love!

Me: Is up-beat or is it slow?

Louis: It's slow and it's so good! I can't wait for everyone to hear it!

Me: Do you have a solo? Does Niall?

Louis: We all have solos  and you will love the song babe! I promise you.

Me: Okay well I gotta go and finish teaching the girls how to ride! Did you get the video of Fizzy on Tundra?

Louis: Yes I did and tell her she looks awesome on him! You're doing an amazing job with them babe! Gotta go love you lots! I'll call you later okay?

Me: Okay! Love you too! Bye!

We hung up and Phoebe was on Sweet Pea. She was doing good and then after Fizzy was done, I let Tundra have a little brake and recorded Phoebe on Sweet Pea and then sent it to Louis. After his brake, Daisy got on Tundra and she was doing so good! She was smiling and then I noticed something; she wasn't even asking him to turn.

"Daisy? How are you getting him to turn?" I asked. I already knew the answer.

"I'm just thinking it and he does it!" She replied. He always does that with me! I would think him to speed up, spin on a dime, change leads, bow, and turn and he does it without me asking wit my body, just my mind. I walked over to her.

"Daisy, do you know what that means?" I asked.

"It means he's listening to me right?"

"Yes! He knows what you want and he does that with me all of them time! Do you want me to show you?" I asked.

"Yes!" She replied. She hopped down and I fixed my stirrups and hopped on without a helmet. I asked for a collected lope and then a lead change. He used to be a dressage horse and then I changed him to a barrel horse when I got him. I was asking for complicated moves like the piaffe and flying-changes. Then I asked for the extended trot and I wasn't using any hand signals, just my mind and Daisy could tell! She looked at me in amazement and so was everyone else! Then I asked for a bow and that wasn't the finale yet! Everyone was clapping expecting me to get off but I didn't! I asked Tundra to do a rear and he looked so good doing it, I could just tell! Thank god Julia recorded this! 

"Alyssa that was amazing! We have to teach Sweet Pea this!" Julia exclaimed.

"Thanks babe! Who wants to get on next?" I asked.  

"Can  I?" Lottie asked.

"And can I get on Sweet Pea?" Georgia asked. 

"Sure!" Julia and I replied at the same time. Lottie walked over and I explained everything to her and she walked him around the little field and Tundra looked so bored! After everyone rode, I hopped on Tundra and took him on a little trail ride to reward him and he was finally awake. 

"Thanks for being so good today bub, i really appreciate it. I can't believe you and I are in Europe together with our best friends. I mean, a few months ago Julia and I were dancing to One Direction in the barn and our friend Ty would walk in a look at us like we were psycho! Now, we're living the dream and I'm spending it with you," I told him. His ears were flicking back and forth while I was talking. When we got back to the barn, no one was there and it was around 3:30. I got off and then untacked him. After that, I sponged him down and then put medicine in his feet and turned him out. 

I walked back to the house and everyone was watching TV in the family room so I joined them.  We watched whatever the girls wanted to watch and then when I looked at the clock, it was 6:00 and I had to feed the horses. I walked out of the house and into the barn by myself and got the food ready. I heard one of the boys banging on the stall wall. BANG! BANG! BANG! 

"Hey! Knock it off!" I exclaimed and it stopped immediately. I then walked into the little hallway and dropped feed and went back into the house. "What do you guys want for dinner?" I asked.

"Can we go to Nando's? I've been craving it!" Julia said.

"Sure! Is that okay with you girls?"

"Yup!" They replied. We walked out of the house and into my SUV and we drove into town and I parked the car. Lets hope no one notices us.

When we got out of the car, 2 girls about my age noticed us.  

"Can we have a picture please?" One of them asked.

"Uh... surrre," I replied dragging out the 'r' sound. We all huddled in and another person snapped the picture. 

"Cool! Thanks Alyssa, Julia, Phoebe, Lottie, Georgia, Daisy, and Fizzy!" The other replied.

"No problem!" I said. We walked into Nando's and the host took us to our seat and then our waiter took our orders.

"I just wanted to say that everyone did a good job and I'm so proud of you girls! Your brother texted me back and he said that you guys looked amazing on the horses!" I told everyone whilst the waiter came over with our drinks.

"Thanks for letting us stay for the weekend Alyssa and Julia! What are we doing tomorrow?" Lottie asked.

"Well I called Danielle and she's free tomorrow so we're are shopping for the bridesmaids' dresses!" I replied.

"Danielle is in the wedding?" Daisy asked.

"Yeah! Did she treat you like crap too?" I asked.

"Not at all! She actually babysat us once! She's so nice! I think the only reason we didn't want to hang out with her the other day was that we just wanted to spend time with you guys!" She replied.

"Okay cool! So tomorrow we go for the dresses and then we can go out for lunch!" I suggested.

"Cool! What color dress are we wearing?" Julia asked

"Since Lou and I decided we were going to have the wedding next summer in the back field back home, the color scheme is yellow and purple!" I replied.

"Cool!" Everyone said.

"I want Julia in a purple dress and the other bridesmaids in yellow dresses," I told everyone.

"Aw! That's gonna look so pretty! The wildflowers will be out!" Julia replied.

"I know! I just don't know if I want short and fun dresses or long and flowy dresses,"

"I think the short ones because it will be hot and plus it will be easier to move around in," Lottie chimmed in.

"Okay! short and fun it is!" I replied. When we were done our meal, Julia and I split the bill and then I noticed something on the bill: a number.

"Excuse me?" I asked the waiter in a flirty way.

"Did you see the number?" He asked.

"Yes I did and I just wanted to say... I have a fiancee` and she" -I pointed to Julia- "Is in a very committed relationship.... SO BACK OFF!" I yelled.

"Uh... Sorry... I... Uh..." He stuttered.

"That's what I thought," I said whilst taking my tip back and then we walked out of Nando's. We loaded into the car and everyone was laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"The guy's face was priceless when you said you had boyfriends!" Fizzy replied whilst laughing so hard she was turning red. We all laughed then I started the car and we drove home. By the time we got home, it was 8:30 and I decided it was time for me to go to bed. So that's what I did. I got my PJ's on and then crawled into the empty bed. I was watching TV and then drifted into a deep sleep.  


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