Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


29. Breakfast and a Good-Bye

**Louis' P.O.V.**

I really missed seeing my sisters everyday and I felt terrible leaving them all of the time but the good thing about living in this house is that it's close to my family! I turned around to wake up Alyssa but she was sleeping and she looked so peaceful. I got out of bed and wrote her a note for her to find when she wakes up. I walked out of the room and then into girls' room.

"Lottie, it's time to get up. Do you want to go out to breakfast?"

"Mhmm.... Go away," she said half asleep. I laughed.

"Come on, you have to get up," I laughed.

"Fine," she said whilst getting out of bed. I walked over to Fizzy's bed to wake up.

"Fizzy babe, you have to get up, we're going out to breakfast," I said.

"Is Alyssa coming?" She asked.

"No love, she's sleeping," I replied. 

"Oh, next time then," she said while getting out bed.

"Daisy, Phoebe, we have to get up. We're going out to breakfast," I whispered into their ears.

"Is Alyssa coming with us?" Daisy asked.

"I'm sorry but she's sleeping," I replied.

"Then I'll wake her up," Phoebe said whilst climbing out of bed. Daisy followed her and I made sure they went into the right room. I didn't want my 7 year-old sisters going into Harry's room on accident and being scarred for life. When they went into the right room I walked away and woke up Georgia.

"Georgia, wake up! We're going out to breakfast!" I whispered. 

"Okay, I'm up!" She said and hopped out of bed. Right when Georgia hopped out of bed, Alyssa, Phoebe, and Daisy walked into the room. 

"Morning love," I said whilst walking over to her and wrapping my arms around her.

"Morning babe," she replied. I kissed her on top of the head. 

"Okay guys, we get the point. You love each other," Lottie giggled.

"Guys! Get dressed okay?" Alyssa said. Her and I walked out of the room and into our room and she was just looking at her closet.

"Babe, what's wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know what to wear!" She replied. I saw a sweatshirt that stood out. It was her high school's football team. It was a grey sweatshirt with a football on it then said her high school's name. Then I saw a pair of dark jeggings and then a One Direction shirts. I picked up the clothes and handed them to her.

"Wear these," I said. She thanked me and kissed me on the cheek. She walked into the bathroom and got changed. She was in there for 20 minutes I'm guessing doing her hair and make up. I knocked on the door and she then came out with her long brunette hair was perfectly straight but it was in a high pony tail. Her make-up was minimal. She had mascara and eyeliner on. 

"Louis? What are you looking at?" She asked. I'm guessing she was thinking that she looked horrible. 

"I was just admiring you. You look beautiful Carrot Princess!" I exclaimed. I walked over to her and picked her up bridal style.

"Ahh! Louis! I need my shoes!" She giggled. I walked over to her closet and looked at her Toms. I picked up her black ones and placed her on the bed very gently and placed them on her feet. I then picked her up bridal style again and then we walked into the family room where Lottie and Fizzy were waiting. 

"Is everyone else ready?" I asked.

"Almost!" Phoebe exclaimed.

"Where are you guys going?" Niall asked.

"Ummmm.... I'm taking the girls shopping," I said

"Yeah!" Alyssa said. 

"You're going out to breakfast aren't you?" Niall questioned. 

"Yeah...." Alyssa replied in defeat. 

"Okay, have fun!" Niall told us. Right when he said the girls came out and we were on our way. 

"Where are you we going?" Daisy asked.

"To this local diner. It's so good!" Alyssa replied whilst turning around in the passenger seat to talk to the girls. I was holding her hand and rubbing circles with my thumb. About 10 minutes later, we pulled into the parking and stepped out of the car. When we walked into the diner,  there was no one there. Thank god, I don't want fans to notice me right now. 

"Hello! How many people?" 

"Seven please," I said. She lead us through the diner and sat us down then gave us menus. I looked through the menu and I decided that I was going to get 2 eggs, home fries, and sausage with an orange juice to drink.

"Hi my name is Amber and I'll be taking care of you this morning. Did you guys decide on what you are eating?"

"Hello Amber! Daisy? Would you like to go first?" I asked. 

"I would like 2 pancakes with a chocolate milk please," she told the waitress.

"I would like the same please," Phoebe said. 

"I would like a ham and cheese omelet with orange juice please," Lottie told Amber.

"Now that comes with home fries. Would you like some?" Amber asked Lottie.

"Yes please," she replied.

"I would like the same thing too please," Fizzy and Georgia said at the same time. They both giggled.

"Babe, what would you like?" I asked Alyssa. My arm was around her waist. 

"Um I would like 2 eggs with home fries and sausage and an orange juice," she told the waitress. 

"What kind of toast would you like?" Amber asked.

"I would like white toast please," she replied.

"And for you sir?"

"I would like what she is having," I replied whilst pointing to Alyssa. 

"Okay, I'll put your order in and it should be out in 15-20 minutes," 

"Thank you," I replied. "So how did everyone  sleep?" I asked.

"Good!" Lottie replied. I basically heard the same thing from the girls.

"Babe, how did you sleep?" I asked Alyssa.

"Not so good. I keep having nightmares," she replied with a worried look on her face.

"About what?" I asked her. This had me concerned, she kept tossing and turning last night.

"It's just you keep disappearing and then pop out of nowhere and then David tries to kill you,"

"That was the prick that called you a few mornings ago right?" 

"Yeah," she whispered back. This little conversation we were having, we were whispering. The girls were talking to themselves so they didn't hear what we were talking about.  

"Babe, nothing is going to happen like that. And if he did do that, our fans will kill him next," I replied with a laugh and leaned over and kissed her forehead. Right when that happened a fan came over to ask for autographs. Shit...

"Can I have a picture Louis?" She asked.

"Sure!" I replied. Her mother came over and took a picture and thanked us and returned to their table. We waited a few more minutes and then our food came. 

"I can't wait to do this every morning with you," I told Alyssa.

"What? Go out to breakfast?" 

"No eat breakfast with you silly girl!" I replied with a laugh and so did she. God she was so perfect. I still couldn't believe that I was marrying her. Just the way she looked in the morning made me smile. Or how her eyes sparkle when she laughs. Just everything about her makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. 

When we were done eating, the waitress gave me the check and I went to pay for the meal. But then I noticed something written on the check: a note.

"Call me if you want to have fun and get away from the kids and the trashy girl (; -Amber" then she left her number. I spotted her and walked over to her.

"Those 'kids' are my sisters thank you very much and the 'trashy' girl is my fiancee`! So don't ever say that about the people I love! Got it?" I spat at her and she was shaking. Good serves her right.

"I- I I'll just... never mind," she said and ran towards the kitchen. I walked back towards the counter and paid the check.

"What was all that about?" Lottie asked. I grabbed the check from my pocket and showed it to all of the girls.

"That bitch!" Alyssa exclaimed. I laughed and kissed her cheek. When the other girls saw it they were mad.  

"Can we go back? I forgot something," Fizzy said.

"And what did you forget?" I asked.

"To slap the girl in the face and take her tip back," she replied whilst crossing her arms. "You guys are perfect together and if she can't see that then I will have to knock her teeth out," she continued.

"Fizzy, I think I could knock her teeth out myself." Alyssa said. "This country girl knows how to throw a punch or two... or three," she mumbled under her breath. I laughed about it and everyone was wondering why, I just told them it was nothing. We pulled into the driveway and all of the boys were putting their bags into the car we were taking to the airport. 

"What time is it?" Alyssa asked.

"About 10:30," I replied. I parked the car and helped Alyssa and the girls out of the car. I went to pack my stuff for the 3 day long trip. I was really going to miss Alyssa because this was going to be the longest time away from her I was going to spend.

"Do you need help?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure babe," I replied. We walked into our bedroom and I grabbed my suitcase from my closet and put it on the bed. I went to the dresser and grabbed some clothes and then went into the bathroom and got my toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo. When I walked back into the room Alyssa was sitting on the bed and she sniffled. She was crying. I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Alyssa, what's wrong? I'm coming back! I'll be back in 3 days!" I soothed her.

"I know you're coming back but what if you find someone better than me Lou? You could get anyone you wanted but you chose a stupid fan that you met because of a dumb Twitter Question,"

"Alyssa, that Twitter Question changed my life for the best and I don't even notice the other girls because you're all I see. You are my world, you light it up like nobody else! Do you want me to sing?!" I asked trying to cheer her up or at least make her laugh. I made her laugh and that's what I wanted.

"Thanks babe. I just don't want to read a magazine and see that you were with another girl because people left me broken on the floor and they cheated on me Louis. I just started trusting guys again because of you. I almost starved myself then Julia introduced me to One Direction and I started to feel beautiful for the first time in months," she said. I never knew she did that to herself. 

"Alyssa, I will never leave you. Do you understand that? I can't leave you because you're my other half, my soul mate. I don't think I could leave you if I could," I told her while caressing her face in between my hands. I kissed her passionately and the world stopped spinning. 

"I love you Louis William Tomlinson," she told me in between kisses.

"I love you... so much," I replied. I heard a knock on the door and looked at the time, it was 11:45 and I had to leave! I had to leave her for 3 days! "Just a minute!" I exclaimed.

"Hurry up in there! We have to go!" Liam said. 

"Okay!" I replied. "I have to go babe,"

"I'll walk you out," we walked out and I grabbed my suitcase and was holding Alyssa's hand. We got to the car and I put my luggage in the trunk and the engulfed her into a hug that should't have ended. I saw a tear escape from her eyes and I wiped it away. She kissed me and I kissed her back. 

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too," I pulled away from the hug- I didn't want to- and I walked towards the car. "I'll be back so quick that you won't have time to miss me love!" I told her.

"Okay babe!" She said forcing a smile and waving me a good bye. I got into the car and we drove off.

"I'm going to miss her," I said mostly to myself.

"Yeah, I'm going to miss Julia. I think if we have time I'm going to go buy a ring. Would you come with me?" Niall asked.

"Of course I will mate!" I replied.

"Thanks mate," he said. We were on our way to the airport and I hoped no fans would find us. I was thinking about Alyssa and our future together. I really wanted a little girl that I could protect and spoil. I wanted her to be just like her mother: sweet, caring, horse lover, cared about animals and other people, and most of all; healthy. I also wanted a son that I could play football with (American football too), someone to teach the right way to treat a girl, and for him to be just like me. I was thinking about this all the way to the airport and there were no fans at all. We boarded the plan and then we took off for the 45 minute flight. 

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