live while we're young

This is the story about a girl named kelly. She is a girl from a small town in newfoundland that loves golf, music, and hanging out with her friends. She wants to be a pro golfer one day. She is a freshman in college and 18 years old. She is studying abroad in Ireland over the summer. She went on vacation there when she was 13 and has been pen pals with Niall Horan since meeting him. She will be staying with the Horan family for the summer. Let me know what you think!


5. falling

I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus, but soon i saw a figure walking toward me. I knew it was harry. I stood up and he pulled me into an embrace. I was in a trance. I started into his baby blue eyes and felt his breath as we inched closer and closer until his lips met mine. We were still kissing when i heard Niall yelled my name from behind me. I broke the kiss and whipped my head around to see Niall almost in tears. He truned and started running away so i ran after him. I kept running and running until i woke up in a cold sweat. I looked around me and it took me a while to realize it was a dream and i was in my bedroom. I breathed heavily and rested my head in my hands. What was wrong with me? Why was i dreaming about kissing harry? He is a womanizer and a jerk! A very cute jerk! Maybe he is not so bad. He cant help it if everyone falls for him. NO! He is a player. I needed a drink. I got out of bed and paused at the door to see what i was wearing. it was my usual tank topp and soffees but it does not matter, the guys have gone to their hotel. I tipped down the stairs in the kitchen. I poured a glass of milk and downed it quickly. I went back to bed and fell alseep.  It felt like more then a minutes had passed before my alarm went off. I decided to go see the boys, you know cuz they come to my house the other day i just want to go see them this time. Went i got there i went in cuz there was no body outside so i just went in.

Me: wow

Niall: kelly!

I looked to the stage and saw all the boys up there with mic stands in frint of them. I walked toward the stage to talk to them.

Me: hey guys!

Niall: Good to see you!

Liam: Ya great to see you but i hope you dont mind waitting foe a while.

Harry: yeah we may be here a while. loius cant get the dance down.

Louis: hey i am a good dancer better then you.

Zayn: hey now.

i laughed.

me: i dont mind!

Harry: good then your in luck!

He winked at me and i felt my face hot and a smile taking over my face. I truned around to hide it and act like i was taking my seat.

After they sang they came down and harry came over.

Harry: you know i still dont have your number.

i gave him my number and smile really big.

 i was hardcore crushing on harry styles!

Sorry guys i have not been on in like forever btween homework and golf i cant get the time to do this story sorry:( but here is the next part hope u like it!




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