Precious Packages

Runner is a poor orphan girl on the streets, so no one thinks twice when she offers to run stolen goods from one dealer to another. But Runner makes twice the money intended, because she is willing to betray her employers for the good of New York City. Runner is the Running Girl. My entry for the Crusher Crime Competition.


2. Calling in the experts.

Captain Joseph Motgomery woke up in the hospital. His leg hurt like hell, and he coulden't feel his arm. He looked beside him to the other bed, and was surprised to see Deputy James Donovan lying in the other one.

" Jay, Jay you awake?" He called to his partener.
" Yeah. Did all that really happen with that girl and..." Jay looked confused.
"We need to find her. She could be in trouble."
" No offense Cap, but were in no shape to go hunting a street girl."
" No but I know who is!"

The image of that girl still stuck in his head like glue. She was pretty, but no more than 15. She had to have been five foot six at the most. He knew now why they had trouble figuring out who had been giving them the tips about the crooks. It had been a little girl.

The gangster had called her Runner. Was that her name? He doubted it. James knew that often the orphan children left their names behind and came up with new ones. This girl had no clue what she was into. That man who she'd been delivering to, Morgan Godson, was a killer. A cold- blooded killer. And Runner was caught in the middle of it all.

They'd started to get the tips about a year back. Little things, like names addresses and phone numbers. The police would always arrive to find the people in possesion of stolen goods, but no one seemed to know who the girl was.

So he called in Detective Ethan Goodfellow.


The detective was a master at finding people. So when he arrived at the hospital his first words were
" Who and how much?"
" Runner and price upon recieving."
" Who be this Runner."
"Hence the problem. She's about 15, small, and in trouble with the Snakes."
" Blond, tiny, very sneaky."
" Very well"

Ethan Goodfellow was not one to stick around. An amazing detective, he alrwady knew where to go.

The prison. He was about to meet an old friend of his.

Little did he know, he's met this girl before.

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