Precious Packages

Runner is a poor orphan girl on the streets, so no one thinks twice when she offers to run stolen goods from one dealer to another. But Runner makes twice the money intended, because she is willing to betray her employers for the good of New York City. Runner is the Running Girl. My entry for the Crusher Crime Competition.


1. A deal gone bad

October 5th, 2011

" You take it, you run it, you get payed. Got it Runner?"
" Whatever you say Dom."

Runner took the small package wrapped in brown paper under her arm, and sprinted away from DOm. Today's run would be easy, just from Central Park to RiverSide PArk. It was better than yesterday's run. Central Park to the Liberty ferry dock. It had started to rain, and if the goods got wet, Dom got mad.

She made her way towards Riverside, cutting through small alleys only she knew. She was surprised Dom hadn't caught on yet. Usually they were much faster to get it, but no one ever suspected the little running girl. She stopped at the lampost on her usual street and knelt to open the package. In it was the usual, money, some drugs, a couple of stolen cigarettes. She took out what she was looking for, the name of her client.

Morgan Godson.

Runner dropped to the ground and placed the name directly below the lampost. Then she stepped into the shadows to wait.

The cop car showed up in about twenty minutes. They drew their guns and moved towards the lampost. One of them, probably about 25 years old, bent to grab the paper. As soon as they did they were fired upon by the Serpent's Gang.


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