The hour glass

Marie and her brother are stuck in another world. The hour glass is their Only way out. But will they Get out in time??!!??


1. Whats going on??

I have no idea what's happening. We have been lost in this cave for what seems like hours. See it all started when me ( Marie) and Micky ( my big bro) persuaded mum and dad to take us to the haunted smugglers caves in kent. We were at the back of the tour and we fell down this tunnel. I have no idea what will happen to us. No one knows where we are or what hapent to us. We have no signal on our phones and we haven't got a map of the cave. Like normal people we hav been shouting and screaming but it's obvious that no one has heard us, or they would have come to look for us, wouldn't they?
"look what I've found!" I heard an excited voice call. This could be our escape to freedom!
"what is it! Show me! Quickly!" I shouted back. I ran over to have a look.
"it's a rock!! Shaped like your face!! Hahahah!!" I let Micky think this was funny then pushed him off the huge boulder he was sitting on. Suddenly, an emerald green blazing light shone. It was coming from the boulder.
"this isn't funny. What happening??" squeaked a peterified Micky clutching my arm.
Maybe it was aliens from mars, or marshons from Jupiter? I tried to look all brave until an object flew out with a note attached.
I was an hour glass!
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