Playstation nation? I don't think so

stereo typing is the greatest form of abuse any one can inflict on an age group. Do not title us when we are all UNIQUE. No two people are the same. And just as I understand not all adults are senile ect. Try to understand that not all teenagers and lazy and uneducated.


1. We are individuals. not a stereotype.

My name is Jasmine, I'm thirteen and no I do not spend all my time on electrical devices.In fact, I would much rather read a good book, than watch TV or go on game stations. Not only are books a lot more easier to carry around with you, they are also more easy to manipulate with your imagination. Each word makes an individual feel a different way, from each sentance, a new image derives. No screen or device will ever deter my love for reading. The way your eyes quicken as they scan the page, eager to read more, the small sense of pride you get from finnishing a book, nothing in the world could beat that feeling.

And writing... it is the most utterly perfect way of expressing your opinions (of which I am not short of). You can go back and change a word, perfect a sentance or add a paragrapgh. It is the most modern form of time travel we have in the 21st century! It's not just a hobbie, each book you read is life changing. Stored away in your memories for ever, it is engraved on your soul, a tiny new peice of you, you never knew about. My life consists of many things, of which reading and writing are included. So to undermine my generation into being the playstation nation. Is not only intended with the utmost cruelty but also, is a lye.

At school, many of my friend love reading, we swap books all the time and share our excitment of them. But this is not the only form of writing. The english laguage has evolved just as much as our culture and teens today read and write on a daily basis without even noticing. Facebook is a key excample, started up in 2004, it is now home too 955m users. Many teens visit this site at least once a week, not too stare at the screenn but to write, much as I am doing now. You say we are the "play station nation" but doesn't that also include strategies and quick thinking? We do write and read. Just as much as you. Maybe even more. So to undermine my generation into being the playstation nation is not only intended with the utmost cruelty, but it is also a LIE.

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