'Heya, I'm Olivia. I'm one of your everyday awesome teenage girls, with gorgeous hair and bright blue eyes. I live in a tiny village and my house is surrounded by the elderly. Fun.
So I am totally puzzled when something extraordinary happens to me...'

(This was my very first published movella- so it isn't that good- although some people seem to like it....)


6. The Return

So, after a gruelling eight months in a so-called 'character building' community gardens, in which I had to do community service because I 'stole' a jumper from the ever-so popular 'Jack Wills', I was back. Well, not really back, because in that time, my parents had decided to move house- to 24 Rosemary Avenue. Which is, ironically, next to James. And on the other side of me, I had Rosie. Could life get any better? Apparently. 

After my community service had ended and Mum came to pick me up, she handed me a crisp white envelope. I opened it straight away and saw £50 inside! 

"Why, Mum?" I asked her. In my opinion, I hadn't really done anything that great, apart from help out some old people. She patted my on the back. 

"Well, I had a little talk with the boss here, and he said that you were very good, so this is your reward." I raised my eyebrows and stuffed my money into my pocket. No-one was going to get hold of that! Rosie had just finished her 'service' as well, so she was coming home with me. Mum was giving her a lift. 

I looked over at James. He had another three months here. He saw me looking and waved. I ran over to him. 

"I am so going to miss you, babe" he said, giving me a hug. 

"Ditto" I replied, pulling out of the hug. I heard Mum's car horn, and knew that was my signal get into the car. 

"Bye" James muttered and gave my a kiss on the cheek. Mum raised her eyebrows as I ran over to the car. As we drove off, she asked:

"Who's that handsome stranger, hm?" That set Rosie off explaining about James, and I had to give her a nudge at times, before she revealed too much. As we approached our new house, I was amazed. It was a little cottage with a thatched roof, made of red brick and had olive-coloured ivy growing up the walls. I looked at Rosie's house, which was identical. 

I sprinted inside and ran up to a bedroom which resembled mine. I flopped down on the bed and sighed. I suddenly heard a 'bleep' and sat up. Mum was at the door, holding an iPhone 5! 

"Ohmygosh!" I exclaimed as I ran over. "Love the phone, Mum!" She smiled.

"Actually, it's for you." She replied, putting it in my hands. 

"I don't understand" I said. "I 'steal' a jumper, almost go to prison, spend eight months in community service, and you give me £50 and a iPhone?" 

"The police found out that it wasn't you fault. The blame has been lifted." I sighed again. Who would have thought that this would be all because of a Jack Wills jumper?

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