'Heya, I'm Olivia. I'm one of your everyday awesome teenage girls, with gorgeous hair and bright blue eyes. I live in a tiny village and my house is surrounded by the elderly. Fun.
So I am totally puzzled when something extraordinary happens to me...'

(This was my very first published movella- so it isn't that good- although some people seem to like it....)


5. Surprises

My time was almost up at Rowgate Road. I only had a week left. 'Wow!' I thought, 'It's gone so fast!'

"Heya, babes!" Said Rosie as she approached me. 

"Hi" I replied.

"You know, someone's moving into this empty house next to me. I hope I'll like them." 

"Sure, of course you will. I mean, you seem to get along with everybody."

We sat on the bank we met on. We called it 'the Bank.' Not the most imaginative name, I know, but we don't have time to think about this. 

"It looks so much better now," Rosie said.

"Yeah, I'm proud of our work." I replied. Just then a small, skinny boy rushed over. 

"The guard wants you 'livia" He talked with a lisp. What had I done now? I looked at Rosie. She gave a 'go on' nod. I gulped and followed the boy to the phone booth, where the guard was. 

"Go on, missis" He said "you gotta call from your mum." Ohmygod! My mum? She had called me once and she always talked in a cold tone with me. 

I grabbed the phone and spoke into it "Hello?"

"Hello, darling!" It was mum! "How are you doing? I just called to tell you that we are moving house. The neighbours never want to talk to us again because of what you did. So we decided to move. It's the best thing, eh? Were moving to 24 Rosemary Avenue. You know where that is, right? Ok, I'll come and pick you up when you have finished."

We talked for a bit longer. Finally I gave the phone back to the guard and walked back to the Bank. When I was walking, James came over and held my hand. He kissed me gently on the cheek. 

"I heard you're moving." He said 

"Yeah, I'm moving to 24 Rosemary Avenue" I replied. "It's going to feel weird, you know, being new and everything."

"24 Rosemary Avenue? I live in 26 Rosemary Avenue. Next to you. It'll be  nice not having to leave you at the end of all this."

Ohmygod! James? Next door? This was so great! I headed back to Rosie.

"Heya babes" I said as I approached.

"Hi!" She replied.

"I'm moving house. I'm going to 24 Rosemary Avenue. Thats next to-"

"Wow! I don't believe it! Your'e next to me! You're my new neighbour!" 

We cheered and hugged each other. This was such a great day! As a bonus, I was going home tomorrow!!

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