'Heya, I'm Olivia. I'm one of your everyday awesome teenage girls, with gorgeous hair and bright blue eyes. I live in a tiny village and my house is surrounded by the elderly. Fun.
So I am totally puzzled when something extraordinary happens to me...'

(This was my very first published movella- so it isn't that good- although some people seem to like it....)


3. Rowgate Road

I pulled with all my might to get that weed out of the rock-hard ground. Yes, I was doing community service- in my dad's old overall. Talk about embarrassing! I felt my brow! Wow, I was sweating loads! I had barely done anything. I was just about to go back to my digging, when a boy walked over.

"Hard, isn't it?" he said with a friendly smile.

"Yup!" I replied, then turned to look at him. He was hot. He had blonde longish hair falling over his hazel eyes. I stood in a trance for a moment until he said:

"I'm James. Why are you here? I tried to steal a ring. Real gold it was. With diamonds."

"I'm Olivia. I attempted to steal a Jack Wills jumper. The girl I stole it from obviously called the police. I tried to run but my friends didn't run with me. I guess that was sensible, really." I said. It sounded pathetic compared to his reason. I went back to my weed-pulling. 

"Have a nice time." He said as he walked back to his spot. "It's okay here in Rowgate road."

I just realised what a mess I looked. My hands were grubby with mud and I had a plant weed in my hair. I pulled the weed out of my hair and sat down on the grassy bank. I sighed. This was hard. 

A girl came over to me. She had waist length, ginger which was tied into a bun on the top of her hair. She had an overall on as well, but it looked better on her.

"Heya!" She said cheerily. She sat down beside me. "I'm Rosehip, but everyone calls me Rosie. I heard you talking to James. I'm here for almost the same reason as you."

"I'm Olivia" I replied "what do you think of here?"

"Oh, its okay. I'm totally all for James though, he's so hot! I wish he would notice me, but he seems to like you." Rosie replied.

"Really? I looked a mess in front of him. He was probably laughing at me in his head!"

We carried on with this convocation for some time. Even if James doesn't like me, I still have a new best friend- Rosehip. 


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