'Heya, I'm Olivia. I'm one of your everyday awesome teenage girls, with gorgeous hair and bright blue eyes. I live in a tiny village and my house is surrounded by the elderly. Fun.
So I am totally puzzled when something extraordinary happens to me...'

(This was my very first published movella- so it isn't that good- although some people seem to like it....)


2. Olivia Brown, please rise

"Olivia Brown, please rise" came the voice of the judge. I arose. I felt my palms go sweaty and I went red. Great.

"Yes sir?" I asked, trying to sound confident. It didn't help that my Mum was crying in the corner. My dad just had a blank expression. That was the end of my clothes allowance. I didn't care anymore. I just didn't want to go to prison. Going to prison is definitely NOT on the agenda. 

"I could send you to prison, Olivia. And I wouldn't care on bit. But I think that would do no good. Also, I could send you on community service. What do you have to say?" asked the judge. I thought I should just tell the truth. So I did.

"Ok, it was only a jumper. I gave it back to her." I said desperately. "I never really stole it." I could see the judge in deep consideration. I looked around at my dad. He looked away. Our bond was broken. That is what I really cared about.

"Sh!" he ordered. The jury was silent. "I've decided. She will do community sevice for eight months!" 

I was shocked. Eight months! That was ages. My mum howled. My eyes had that stinging sensation like when you're about to cry. 

'No.' I told myself sternly. 'I'm not going to cry like a five year old. I'm 15 for crying out loud.'

My dad rose. "Thank you judge." He said "You were fair and just. I will help see to it that she gets there."

He didn't care about me anymore. He treated the judge, who was a stranger, better than me, his own daughter!

"Any objections?" Asked the judge "Ok, eight months, community service , miss!"

Oh shoot.

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