'Heya, I'm Olivia. I'm one of your everyday awesome teenage girls, with gorgeous hair and bright blue eyes. I live in a tiny village and my house is surrounded by the elderly. Fun.
So I am totally puzzled when something extraordinary happens to me...'

(This was my very first published movella- so it isn't that good- although some people seem to like it....)


1. All because of a Jack Wills jumper

Heya! I'm Olivia Brown. I'm 15. And I live a pretty normal life. I live in one of those small villages inhabited by the elderly. Fun. Right now I'm chilling on the sofa while my younger sister is texting on her phone. Thats all she does. Really. Oh yeah, she studies as well. She is really clever, and the embarrasing thing is that all the teachers expect me to be clever too. She is my twin. I'm the eldest by five minutes.

Why am I using all these short sentences? Jessie (twin) would be so mad. She says I'm a let down. I can see that. Oh well. Ok, I totally need to get to the point. My life is not the same. Not since I met Rosehip. 

Ok, this is how it goes.

It was September, last September. I was shopping with my mates, Jenny and Meg. We had just stepped out of Jack Wills and I saw the perfect jumper. It was gorgeous. Soft and warm and the best shade of blue. It matched my eyes. I needed it. Pronto.

I rushed back as fast as my legs would carry me. There was only one left. If only........

Too late. Someone had already grabbed it. Oh no. I wasn't ready to give up that easy. It was half price as well. I rushed after the girl, right to the counter.

"Got any more?" I asked desperately. The shop attendant shook her head. My spirit sunk for a moment. Then, I got an idea. I put it out of my head. At least, I tried to. It was bad, oh so bad. But I really, really wanted that jumper. So badly. Thinking back, I actually can't remember why I wanted it so badly.

I lingered around the girl as she purchased the jumper. I waited until she had almost got out of the shop. Then  I struck. I leapt out and snatched the bag from the surprised girl. I ran, full pelt out of the shop.

"Come on!" I yelled to Jenny and Meg. But of course they didn't get why I was so desperte to get away. So they stayed standing still.

"PLEASE!" I stressed. Too late. The girl whom I had snatched the bag from was dialling a number- the police. To make matters worse, they were screeching along the road. Of course, the station was in town. Jenny, my best friend then, held onto my arm tight. The policemen were getting out of the car. They had guns.

I no longer wanted the jumper so I dropped the bag on the wet ground.

"Right, missy, you're coming with us" said one policeman grabbing onto my arm. Jenny held onto my other one. They both pulled and puller like a tug 'o' war. Right now I wanted to be anywhere else. Anywhere else in the world. 

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