6 members, One Direction

Ok this is my first Movella and I'm writing a sixth member of one direction. I'm trying to write as factually correct as possible, so if you find anything out of place, just let me know and i'll correct it ASAP. BTW, the parts about me here are more or less true, except for my tragic background. I do not live in the UK but the parts about school and stuff are true with exception of names which i have changed. My name remains the same :) and hope you enjoy. At the more experienced members, please let me know if there's anything wrong with it :)


1. X-factor 2010: Part 1

I'm standing in line with Harry,Gemma,Mr and Mrs Styles, mum and dad. I'm silent. I wasn't supposed to be wearing this number on my clothes. Harry sees the look on my face and takes my hand in his.
"I'm not him, but i know just as well as you do, that this is what he would've wanted you to do. Lyn, I know you're in a hard place right now, but just remember that no matter what, I'll always be there.". I look up and thank god i still have him.
"After all of this, I forgot to tell you something."
"Thank you. For everything you've done for me and helped me through. I know that you've had to wait 6 months just to have me for yourself, and i know a normal boyfriend wouldn't do that." I'm staring at his lips, wondering how i could get them to open up.
"Hey. You and me, we're a team. We're in this together till the end." Now he's staring at mine. Before I know it, we're kissing in front of a few hundred people. That's what i love about Harry. One of the things I love about him anyway. The line seems endless until we're called for our introduction. Even though we're not a group act, they thought it'd be "cute" to put us together for the intro. This is kind of how it went:
Harry: Hello, I'm Harry Styles
Me: Hello, I'm Lyn Andrews
Both:And we're from Cheshire!
Harry: It's a quiet place. Sort of...picturesque :)
Lyn: Very. It's a quite nice place, actually.
Harry: And we're not performing together.
( The cameraman and I exchange glances, like that just popped up out of nowhere. Then i catch on)
Me: Yeah!
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