This is my first movella I hope you like it !
Dreams can come true
4 girls are in love with the band one direction and there dreams


6. The kiss

I felt quite sick so I went outside with Rosie for some fresh air. I sat on the bench outside. Louis and Harry came running over and asked If we were ok. I nodded. Louis sat next to me and hugged me. I told him I was a bit upset about the paparazzi and all the fans interrupting ther dinner which I didn't tell you about and that he wasn't paying at tension to me. He hugged me and said he was sorry he didn't think anyone would intrude on there date. I stood up and said with tears in my eyes "I'm going now!" Louis ran after me and turned me around and kissed me in the rain it was so romantic. I looked up and said "I forgive you." Charlotte and Liam were hugging looking at us and so was Lauren and Niall and Rosie and Harry they all said "aaaarrrf!" and kissed each other .

So I guess that our dreams came true and we were all in a happy relationship it was perfect !.
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