This is my first movella I hope you like it !
Dreams can come true
4 girls are in love with the band one direction and there dreams


4. Getting ready

Me and the girls came straight to mine and and pampered our self up. We looked beautiful. We just finishing off some finishing touches when I heard the doorbell. We ran downstairs and opened the door. It was them we all looked at each other and smiled. Charlotte and Lauren went and waited in the car while me and Rosie went to get our shoes on. Rosie looke sat me and said " I can't believe our dreams have came true!" An I replied " I know I am maid up." we ran down stairs and jumped in the limo. I sat by Louis and Rosie, Rosie sat by Harry ,we all sat sat at the back row of the limo. Charlotte sat by Liam and Lauren sat by Niall and Zayn brought perry from little mix, we loved little mix as well.
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