This is my first movella I hope you like it !
Dreams can come true
4 girls are in love with the band one direction and there dreams


2. First day

One day me and the girls went to the park, but we forgot that the boys were back in london. We were sitting on the grass having a picnic when suddenly Charlotte noticed 5boys all sitting on the bench opposite us. They looked quite strange but familiar. We all had our one direction hoodies on, I noticed they were looking at our hoodies and mumbling to each other. It was a sunny day but it was quite windy. There was bug gush of wind and it blew the boys hats and sunglasses off, but guess who it was. One Direction. Suddenly all girls ran screaming towards them ,the boys looked shocked so we stood up and shouted "quick follow us", we ran behind the bush and all the screaming girls ran past us. I looked up and stared into Louis's eyes that's when I knew that he was the love of my life. I looked at Rosie and winked ,we looked Lauren and she was sharing a sandwich with Niall ,she puts her thumb up to us. We all looked at each other and said "where is Charlotte." We looked around us and seen Charlotte talking to Liam. We all said "phew."
Harry took Rosie to sit down in the corner and they started to talk. Then me and Louis just stood there in silence looking at each other and smiled he took my hand and led me over to Harry and Rosie. We offered the boys some of our picnic ,there was a lot left.
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