Forever Immortal

Have you ever wondered what its like being immortal ??


2. Truth

Blood covered my hands as I held my stomach where most the pain seemed to be coming from , I slightly opened one eye expecting to see the pink wall I normally see every morning when I wake up for college , the sight of a dark brown tree reflected by the sunlight in a forest frightened me so much I continued to lay on the muddy ground of the forest for much longer .

After a long hour of hard thinking I finally had the courage to get up and open my eyes , I was in a forest but I couldnt remember how I ended up here . I looked down at my blue top which was covered in thick red blood and everything came flooding back to me , the shadow the knife the pain .

I wanted to see how bad I was injured , I thought back to the night before and remembered how much pain I was in and wondering how I was still alive , I lifted my top up knowing that I was probally going to faint at the sight of whatever it was . But there was nothing neither a scratch nor a scar . The sight of my plain normal stomach frightened me even more than having what I was expecting , if I never got stabbed , if it was all a night mare then where did the blood come from ? Why was I in so much pain ?

I thought back to last night and come to my conclusion , I knew that i got stabbed last night and I knew that if this was just a normal stabbing I would not have woken up . No this was not normal , I was the invinsible , permenent , never ending , phonixlike , everlasting .

I was immortal

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