In The End (ON HOLD)

On Samantha's 18th birthday her dad has the biggest news ever! He is now the manager of One Direction! Samantha is speechless. She absolutely hates One Direction, she thinks their ugly fakes who like to get the attention of Ladies. Just like the all the other Famous people. Her dad is one of the most famous Managers in the world so she has to deal with them.
~Everything will be okay In The End. If it's not okay, It's not the end...~

Dedicated to Sammyloves1D or just plain old Sam


3. Chapter two

(A/N: Sorry about the spacing in my paraghraphs, apperently they don't like Spanish.... Hehe anyways if you want to know what it means, here we goo!  -cariño- means Darling -Si no te callas te voy a golpearte en la cara- means if you don't sht i'm going to punch you in the face -No es asunto tuyo- means none of your business -Tú eres idiota y! usted quiere tener la nariz rota?- means you're an idiot! you want to have a broken nose? There you go, if you have any other questions about the book or suggestions email me >>>>> you got that? im going to say it one more time now )

I walked into my closet and grabbed he first thing I see, which just happen to be a black dress. My mom gave it to for my 16th birthday, I laid my face down onto it and smiled. "So you found love with a dress?" Louis' voice said making me jump.

I glared, "This reminds me of my mom, yes she did leave me, but unlike your dad she didn't have any choice over it." He winced and I knew I won this round, he walked away to let me get changed in peace. What Louis doesn't reaize is that I could care less about what he has to say to me, if it weren't for my dad I most likley wouldn't of met them. No I shouldn't say that, I probably would've met them But it would of been hi, hi, whats up? nothing much you? Nope same old, same old. Okay, bye. Bye. Best conversation EVER! Which reminds me I sadly have to call Amanda and tell her who my dad's new 'clients' are. I closed my bedroom door and got changed into my black dress. I put some foundation on and brushed my teeth. I don't like makeup but no one likes pimples either! And with my fair skin a red circle on my face could be seen a mile away. I grabbed my phone to call Amanda, if I wa going to do this she was coming with me! I rung 3 times until she finally picked up.


"Hey 'Mandy!"

"Oh hey Sam! What's up?" then she gasped, "who's your dad's new 'clients'?" she asked very hiperly.

"Ugh don't even go there! I have to take them out tonight so you're going to come with me and then you can meet them," I said.

"Just tell me!"

"No I refuse to say their names especially one of them he thinks he has more sass then a Spanish!" Oops.

"More sass? There's only one celebrity with sass... Holy Shit sam your dad'd maniging One Direction?" she screamed into the phone.

"Why don't you burst my ear drums in the process?" I asked.

"Oops sorry, so what are they like?" she said.

"Why don't you come over and meet the devlis themselves?" I asked.

"Seriously?" Amanda asked.

"Sure, I could care less if you jumped all over them," I said truthfully.

Amanda sighed, "When you meet One Direction your supose to be-"

"Calm and collective! I know!" I said, "Well th first thing I said to them was they were five children."

"Samantha Roseti Francisio!" she said trying to have a Spanish accent, it failed extremely.

"Whatever just get your butt over here before I murder one of them," I said.

"Calm your tits I'm getting changed." she said and then hung up. I put my phone down and headed downstairs. When I stepped into the living room Harry whistled at me, "Don't think that's going to get you anywhere," I said, he ignored me and winked. I heard the doorbell ring, okay I knew Amanda didn't live that far away but that was just ridiculis. I opened the door and she stood there with a birthday present in her hand and a huge smile. "Happy Brithday!" Amanda screamed. I hugged her and pulled her inside and practically ran into the kitchen. I sat her down on the barstool and smiled. "What was that about?" Amanda asked.

"You know very well," I said. She mouthed 'Oh'. Just then Louis walked into the kitchen and by the look on his face I knew this wasn't going to be good. 

"What do you want Tomlinson?" I asked. Amanda started punching my arm and smiling very big, "You weren't lieing," she said.

"No kidding!" I said.

Louis winked at Amanda and she almost fainted, I rolled my eyes, "Seriously Tomlinson tell me what you want or leave," I said.

"Samantha!" Amanda said.

Louis raised an eyebrow at me, "Well you're suppose to take us out tonight since we don't know the place and I wanted to meet your friend."

"We're still going hold your horses, and this is Amanda you met her now go!" I said pointing out the door. Amanda waved at Louis, "Hi," she said shyly.

"Hi Amanda it's ver nice to meet you," Louis said sticking out his hand for Amanda to shake, she took his hand and he brought it up and kissed her knuckles, "I think I'm going to pucke!" I yelled and ran into the livingroom.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked.

"Doesn't Louis have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"Yes they're trying to make it work, why?"

"Okay I'm seriously going to get sick." I said, "Louis Fucking Tomlinson get you Fucking hands off my friend you whore!"

Louis walked out of the kitchen with the biggest grin on his face ever, "Oh dear Samantha what could ever be the problem?"

"You better watch it Tomlinson, I'm not afriad to punch a 21 year old," I said glaring at him.

"Not 21 yet Samantha darling," he said patting my cheek.

"But I am 18 so I don't have to listen to what you say!" I was about to lunge at him but Amanda walked into the room, "Sam!" she yelled, I stopped where I was but continued to glare at Louis, "Just because you're a Directonater doesn't mean you can attack them!" I rolled my eyes and stepped away from Louis.

"And who is this?" Harry asked.

"Not your type," I answered for Amanda.

"My names Amanda, sorry for Sam she's diffrent..."

"Oh shut up, I love One Direction and am going to marry Harry Styles," I said and started laughing.

"At least I'll be married," Amanda said.

"Yep to a womanizer!" Amanda rolled her eyes, "I guess you can tell she isn't a big fan of you guys."

"Nope not one bit!" Louis said wrapping his arm over my shoulder. I stopped laughing and staired at him, "If you still want that arm tomorrow you should probably take it off me." Louis winked but knew that I'd go through with it so he took his arm off me.

"Can we go now?" Harry asked.

"Oh yes, come on guys we've got to find Harry a new prostitute," I said. Harry glared at me, and smiled.

"Oh shut up Sam, come on let's just go okay?" Amanda said.

"Fine Amanda and I in the front and you five in the back," I said and headed out to my dad's van.

"We can't stay out very late Sam and I have school tomorrow," Amanda said.

"Great kill me now!" I said.

"Hey you can't get any more popular then you are now, maybe even Hailey will like you now," Amanda said.

"Can we please not have this conversation now! Wrong place and Wrong people!" I said.

"So you're popluar?" Louis asked me.

"Here we go, look what you did Amanda!" I said, "But to answer your question Louis yes I am but it's becasue of my dad and I can't stand the popularity."

"Really? When I was in high school I'd anything for it," Niall said.

"Yeah well everyone wants you to be mean t those who aren't 'worth' enough to be your friends," I said.

"And are you?" Zayn asks.

"Of course not! In my first few years I was a nerd and was bullied to an extreme. Sam found me in the bathroom cutting myself, she stole the knife from me and everyday after that we've been best friends. She's nice to those who aren't 'worth' of her friendship and are mean to those who think they are," Amanda said.

"Wow, you did know that you could've just lost your popularity by doing soething like that," Niall said.

"This whole popularity thing is so people have a ruler because they don't know how to do shit! And it's also a contest that I have no interest in being in but was dragged into and apperantly won. I don't go around with pounds of make up on my face and dress as a slut, yes I have more clothes then some but, but the point is I don't hide who I try to be and I will give someone shit if they tick me off," I said looking directly at Louis through th mirror, "It's really childish and funny to watch, but there's a few good things about it, one everyones nice to you, two you get invited to every party, and three No one tries to mess with you."

"Wow you've got it tough," Louis said.

"Do you want to go out or what?" Louis threw his hands up in surrender.

We pulled up to a club and everyone started to get out of the car. "Everyone back here at 10:00!" Liam anouncced. You know what Liam is not bad, I actually kind of like him, he's very mature and responsible I hope we can become friends.

"Hey Samantha stop daydreaming about Liam and start walking!" Louis yelled. I rolled my eyes.

"Vaya mueren en un agujero Louis!" I yelled.

"Oh you did not just tell me to go die in a hole again!" He yelled, "Well Vaya maurena en un agerjio to you to!"

"Nice spanish! Maybe you should learn the language first!"

"You know what just go die in a hole!" Louis yelled. I stuck my tounge out at him. This was sertanly going to be a long month.


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