In The End (ON HOLD)

On Samantha's 18th birthday her dad has the biggest news ever! He is now the manager of One Direction! Samantha is speechless. She absolutely hates One Direction, she thinks their ugly fakes who like to get the attention of Ladies. Just like the all the other Famous people. Her dad is one of the most famous Managers in the world so she has to deal with them.
~Everything will be okay In The End. If it's not okay, It's not the end...~

Dedicated to Sammyloves1D or just plain old Sam


4. Chapter three

"Samantha get up," A voice said annoyingly wakeing me from my sleep. My head was pounding really hard; that's going to be enough alcohol for a while now, "It's 7:30 Samantha." I rolled over but kept my eyes close, "Whoever you are leave me alone," I said.

"You need to get up though," the voice said.

"Go away!"

"But Samantha....." I threw a pillow at whoever it was, "Now that wasn't very nice."

"Wasn't suppose to be," I said back.

"Get up."

I groaned, "What day is it?"


"Shit!" I jumped out of bed and ran to the washroom. After I finished I grabbed a towel and wrapped my body with it and walked out of my washroom. When I stepped outside I saw Louis sitting on my bed. "What are you doing here? On my bed?"

"I'm your personal wake up call," He said, I glared at him, "You're just as bad as Zayn you know that right."

"Out!" I said pointing my finer towards the door.

"Come Samantha I know you love seeing me."

"My name is Sam, and I don't hang out with perverts. So get out of my room!"

"Fine princess whatever you say," Louis said and got off the bed. Could he of walked any slower to the door. I walked up behind him to make sure he didn't try to do anything, "Oh and Samantha your dad wants to talk to you after you're done making yourself beautiful."

"Shut up Tomlinson," I said and slamed the door in his face.

"Love you to!" He yelled through the door, I rolled my eyes and went to search through my closet. I finally chose my black varsity jacket, red skinny jeans, grey ugg boots, and my favorite grey moustach half top( I looked at myself in the mirror and dicided to let my straight hair fall naturally. After one more look I headed downstairs for breakfast. When I entered the kitchen all the guys were sitting around the island table.

"Hey Samantha," they all said in unison when they saw me.

"Hi..... what are you guys doing here?" I asked, "And why did you wake me up?" I asked Louis.

"We have a meeting," Liam said, "And I didn't know about this, why did you wake her up?" Louis smiled at him but didn't answer.

"I see Louis starting to rub off on you and Zayn to," Harry said looking at my red jeans.

I looked down at them, "What?"

"It's Louis signature outfit red jeans and a stripped top, and Zayn always wears a varsity jacket." Niall informed me.

"Oh, well I've been wearing red jeans since grade 4 so Tomlinson didn't invent them, and many people have worn these and they also came out before you were famous," I said.

"Whatever anyways I'm dropping you off at school today," Louis said.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"Because I'm the oldest one here and I have more experience with a car," Louis said.

I bursted out laughing, "Okay, I'd rather get in a car with The Situation or Snooki," I said.

"Ouch, that one hurt," Louis said hold his chest for a dramatic affect, "By the ways it was your dad's Idea."

"Really? My papa knows I hate you guys he wouldn't do that to me," I said.

"And your papa is really sorry but I've asked Louis to drive you to school," Dad said walking into the kitchen.

"But dad...."

"No buts Sam, I have to do some work and Louis offerd anyways," Dad said. I glared at Louis and he stuck his tongue out at me.

"You've just agreed to have a 5 year old drive me to school?" I asked.

"Samantha we've talked about this...."

"Goodbye papa love you hope you miss me, cause this is the last time you're ging to see me!" I said.

"Samantha stop now, or you won't be going over to Amanda's after school and Louis will come and pick you up as well!" My dad said. Wow he's angry. I groan and go and grab my backpack, "Come on Tomlinson, let's go crash."

Louis chuckled behind me, "You know you're uppose to respect your elders."

"I do respect my elders Louis!" I said nodding my head and smiling.

He shook his and his eyes looked up, "Well let's go crash a car then."

During the drive Louis kept singing to diffrent songs on the radio, I kept banging my head agianst the window. 'Some one kill me now!' I mentally screamed. When we finally got to the school I opened the door before Louis even stopped the car. "Okay when I said let's crash a car I didn't mean it literally!" Louis said. I rolled my eyes and hopped out of the car, "Well aren't you going to say goodbye?" Louis asked.


"That's not very nice especially since I drove you here."

"No I was forced to listen to you sing," I said, "Why did you have to put so much torture on me!"

"Oh come on you know you loved it!" Louis said smiling.

"Whatever Tomlinson!"

"Shh!" he said putting his finger to his lips, "I really don't feel like signing autographs today and I sure as don't want anyone to think we're going out!" he faked barfing.

I heard the bell ring, "Get a life Tomlinson," I said and shut the door behind me.

"I do! A rich and famous one! Sadly you're in it!" He yelled.

"Thank you very letting me be the rain cloud in your life! It makes me feel sooo special!" I yelled.

"Your very welcome!"

"Callar!" I yelled back in Spanish (Shut up). Happily he drove away and I ran into the school. 

Once I got settled into my seat in Spanish; I know only Amanda knows I'm Spanish so I use this to get an easy A; that's when the questions started to occur.

'Who's your dad managing now?' 'Who were you talking to in the car?' 'Why ddi it take you so long to come into the school?' 'Is he cute?' 'Do you want to come to my party this weekend?' 'Can I have your number?' 'Is the client really cool?' 'I hear your dad's managing One Direction is it true?(Wow word spreads fast)If so can I please meet them?'

"Was it Louis who was driving you?" A voice asked, I turned around to see who asked the question, I looked at Amanda, "How did you know?" I asked.

"You two were yelling back and forth at eachother and you tried to jump out of the car before it even stopped," Amanda pointed out.

"You know me too well," I said and we laughed.


"Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?" Julianna ran up to us asking.

"Who's what?" I asked.

"Don't play with me now tell who it is!" I raised my eyebrow at her, "The clients Sam, who is your dad'd new clients."

"Oh.... I can't tell you," I said.

"What? Why?" Julianna asked clearly outraged.

"Because you'll totally fan girl and scream in my face."

"Oh my God no way! There's only one band I do that with!" She screamed and everyone started to look at us. I covered her mouth with my hand, until she licked it.

"Eww!" I said removing my hand.

"That's what you get!" she said.

"That was a yucky gift," I said wiping my hands no my jeans.

"Please let me meet them!" she yelled.

"No after what happened with Amanda no way!" I said wanting to puke all over again.

"Many met them? Now that's not even close to fair!" Julianna said.

"Well life is tough and not everything is going to be fair!" I said.

"Then how come everythings fair for you?" Julianna asked.

"If everything was fair for me my mom would still be alive," I said.

We started to hear loud noises and we saw a group of people surrounding someone. "It's either Hailey or some new hot looking person," I said.

"Hailey is in the crowd," Julianna said.

"Can you see who it is?" I asked. Julianna stood on her tippy toes, then came back down on the heels and shook her head. Julianna was really tall, she wasn't freak tall but she was taller then most, but that just made her the best at Basket-ball. "Well whoever it is I feel bad for them, they get to be hung onto by the one and only slut Hailey!" I said said the end a little to loud. She looked around to see who said that and we turned around to try not to be noticed. We looked over our shoulders to see if she was searching anymore but luckily she was looking at whoever the special person was. Soon the bell rang and Julianna and I said our goodbyes and went to our classes. In the middle of Science there was a knock on the door. I almost dropped my bottle of whatever chemicals we were experimenting with. That blue eyed, bedhead brunette with a cocky attitude walked into the room. He spotted me and winked then turned to the teacher who was gaping at him.

"I know you, you're Louis Tomlinson, my daughter loves you!" Mrs. Carter said pointing at him. Lot's of people started to whisper back and forth, some were almost in tears, and I saw most girls batting their eyelashes and acting all giggily.

"It's very nice to meet you..."

"Mrs. Carter!" she answered for him.

"Mrs. Carter it's very nice to meet you," Louis said shaking her hand. I rolled my eyes.

"What can I do for you?" Mrs. Carter asked.

"I need to borrow one of your students," Louis said. What was he up to? Many girls raisd their hands and I sat their galring daggers at the idiot. Louis laughed at all the girls that raised their hands, "Sorry ladys I need one specific girl."

"I need to ask why Mr. Tomlinson," Mrs. Carter said.

"Please call me Louis and I need her because her father asked me to ome and get her," Louis said. 

"Why?" Louis pulled out his phone and showed her something, she straightened her glasses and read off of it, "Very well; Samantha." Everyone turned to look at me.

"Me?" I asked pointing to myself.

"Yes you is there another Samantha in this class?" Mrs. Carter asked.

"I wish," I said, and everyone started laughing.

"I'll take her spot," A voice said evryone turned to look at Hailey.

"Sorry Hailey Louis doesn't date sluts," I said batting my eyelashes.

"He doesn't date date freaks either," Hailey said back.

"Good so we both know he won't date you," I said and everyone started laughing, even Mrs. Carter cracked a smile, "Samantha I think that's enough," Mrs. Carter said.

"And we should really get going," Louis said looking at his watch.

"I have work to do though," I said.

"It's okay you can catch up tomorrow," Mrs. Carter said.

"What does my dad want?" I asked.

"It's a surprise," Louis said.

"Why did he ask you to pick me up?" I asked glaring at him.

"Cause he knows you love me," He said in a baby voice. Lot's of people started laughing.

"Whatever Tominson, I'm too busy to play your game right now, send smeone more mature and I might come," I said.

"Liam is in the car," Louis said.

"Your point being..."

"He's more mature, and if you come now we'll even throw in a deal he'll sit next to you!" Louis said using his anouncers voice.

"Who said I wanted to sit next to him?"

"It's either him or me, or Hazza!" He said, "Going once, going-"

"Deal!" I yelled. I stuffed everything in my bag and walked towards the front, "What are you doing?" I whispered when I got to him.

"You'll see," he said the he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. the last thing I saw was Hailey's glare, I smiled knowing I annoyed her without even doing anything. Louis opened the door to the Van and shoved me into the Van. Then he yelled at Harry to get into the front.

"What's going on?" I asked Liam.

"I honestly don't know, the only thing I do know is that your dad wanted us to pick you up, Harry and Louis rock papered sissors to see who went to get you. I decided to com incase you murdered one of them," Liam said. I punched his arm, "Ow!" he whined and grabbed onto it, I stuck my tounge out at him. 

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