In The End (ON HOLD)

On Samantha's 18th birthday her dad has the biggest news ever! He is now the manager of One Direction! Samantha is speechless. She absolutely hates One Direction, she thinks their ugly fakes who like to get the attention of Ladies. Just like the all the other Famous people. Her dad is one of the most famous Managers in the world so she has to deal with them.
~Everything will be okay In The End. If it's not okay, It's not the end...~

Dedicated to Sammyloves1D or just plain old Sam


2. Chapter one

I sat on my bed waiting for dad to come up. What I found really funny though is that his 'clients' are 4 english and 1 irish dude and we're Canadian Aye! I laughed at my joke. For one I'm Canadian and that's probably the first time i've said 'Aye' in a sentence.

I hear the door open and turn to face my dad, he looks extremely mad, "Samantha Roseti Francisio," He said using his Spanish accent. My dad was born and raised in Spain, and moved to Canada where he met my mother, "That was very rude and I will not except that kind of behaviour!"

I rolled my eyes but continued to stair at him, "Here, we go again!"

He sighed, "Sam we need the money, for your education, your future, all I'm trying to do is be a good father and this is how I'm compromising."

I loved my dad and I knew he just wanted the best for me, I hate having fights with him, "I know papa I'm sorry," great now he's got me on with the Spanish accent, "I just can't stand how they think they can get anyone or anything."

"I know you don't cariño, just atleast try to be nice to them," I groaned, "I'm not asking you to keep pictures of them on your wall, but at least keep the rude comments to a minimum," He said.

Ha, ha I love my dad, "Ok papa."


"I promise," I said smiling, our fights never last long, we're very close. 

"Thank you cariño, now I think you owe some boys an apollogy," dad said.

"Ha, ha you called them boys," I said pointing and laughing at him.

"Hey I said it was unexceptible behaviour, but I never said it wasn't true!" Dad said, I started laughing, but seriously I couldn't of asked for a better dad.

"I love you papa."

"I love you to cariño, now let's get back to the boys before they finally do become men." I laughed. When we got downstairs I noticed they were all sitting on the couch and were very quiet. They heard me laugh and loked up at me. I actually felt really bad about the way I acted, I mean I don't like them any more, but no one deserves to be treated like that. I walked infront of them and sighed.

"I'm really sorry guys, my behaviour was horrible and inexcusable," I said.

"It's okay Samantha," Liam said, they others nodded and said yes.

"Please call me Sam, I can't stand the name Samantha it sounds so girly," I said.

"A Father's child," my dad said wrapping his arm around my shoulder casuing me and everyne else in the room to laugh.

"Okay so since I'm your new manager I wan't to get to know you guys more so we won't be doing any concerts or interviews for a month or two and we'll just be hanging out," dad said.

"That sounds great!" Zayn said.

"Yah we really need to have some time to ourselves," Harry said.

"Hey to celibrate to you guys all want to go out?" my dad asked, I widened my eyes at him. 

"Party!" Louis screamed, how is it that Louis is the oldest and yet the most immature. Dad's phone rang so he went into the kitchen and I didn't want to be left with them so I followed him.

"Wait!" Liam yelled. I turn arond surprised.

"Well since we're going to spend a lot of time together let's play 20 questions to get to know eachother," Liam said. All the guys started to get excited about the game which made me want to go after my dad even more. "Go on Sam, I won't take long, and since you didn't make the best first impression try to make a better second one," Dad said.

"You know what I think you have a call to take!" I said and reluctantly sat down in the armchair. "Okay first question, who's your favorite singer?" Harry asked.

"Adam Lambert," I said.

"Why?" Harry asked a little disipointed.

"Awe is Harry Styles sad he's not my favorite singer?" I asked in a baby voice. The guys started to laugh, "No I actually couldn't care less," he said.

"Good cause if my dad wasn't your manager then we wouldn't even be having this conversation," I said.

"Just answer the question," Harry said.

"Fine, because he has an absalutly amazing voice, doesn't care what other people have to say about him (A/Nif you didn't know Adam lambert is gay and I totally respect him for keep moving on even with all the haters making fun of who he sleeps with) and he's truthful about who he really is," I said.

"Favorite song by him?" Niall asked.

"For Your Entertainment," I said.

"Oooo got a bad girl here!" Louis said.

"How are you the oldest?" I asked.

"I ask that myself everyday," Liam said.

"Favorite food?" Niall asked, tipical.

"Anything, except potatos." (A/Nit's funny actually I'll eat anything but potatos and I'm IRISH!)

"She's a keeper," Zayn said playfully nudging Niall. I rolled my eyes, they're such kids.

"How old are you?" Harry asked.

"You just totally waisted a question, remember my fit I threw I yelled out that I was 18, or were you to busy admiring your beauty to even notice my presence?" I asked.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Harry asked.

"Seriously that's the only thing you heard? And no I don't," I said.

"Why do you hate us?" Liam asked.

"Because I hate celebrity's who just think they can get whoever and whatever they want," I said.

"How do you know were like that?" Liam asked.

"You don't think I haven't heard of Harry's one night stands?" I asked, "I have friends to and saddley they think you're amazing so I know more about you then I'd like to."

"Well at least they have good taste in music," Louis said.

"Adam Lambert, Likin Park, Marianas Trench, Hedely, Taylor Swift, Rhianna now that's good music, you're just The Beatles wannabes," I said, wow that was cold, loving it though!

"That was cold," Niall said.

"But completly truthful," I said.

"Anyways, are you in a relationship?" Liam asked.

"Why do you care about my personal life?" I asked.

"It's a question answer it!" Louis said, jeez I hate that kid.

I glared at Louis, "No I'm single, I haven't had a boyfriend since grade 10."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"You nosey people," I said.

"So what just answer the question before we're all dead," Louis said, I'm going to punch that boy soon.

"My mom died and my boyfriend wasn't there to comfert me so I believe love isn't your highschool crush, they don't just walk int your life and walla your married, I now that you have to go through thick and thin to find the person," I said.

"Deep," Zayn said.

"You've got that right Jawaad," I said making fun of his middle name, "So get used to it."

"I'm sorry about your mum," Liam said.

"It's okay it's better to move on in life then to shut out the rest of the world and stay in room sad all day," I said, "My dad is the best dad ever and he took this job and became the best manager in the world so that I could have a future. I like to believe mom was supose to leave so papa and I would rebond our relationship."

"Deep, again."

"Oh shut up Jawaad!"

"Did I just hear an accent?" Harry asked.

"I don't know did you?"

"Yah I think he did when you said papa," Liam said.

"Say papa again," Louis said.


"Because I want you to so say it," Louis said.

"Okay your royal pain in the butt," I said angrily.

"I'm sorry what? I thought I heard someone say papa," Louis said cupping his ear with his hand.

"Fine papa!" I practically screamed.

"Yep I heard a accent you're spanish!" Harry exclaimed.

"Woo hoo point Styles," I said.

"Are you a virgin," Zayn asked.

"What kind of question is that and hell yes I am and will be until I'm fricken married!" I said.

"So you're a god girl?" Louis asked.

"Si no te callas te voy a golpearte en la cara!" I said in my dad's language, I only use It when I'm mad.

"Oooo Lou she just got mad at you.... In Spanish!" Niall said.

"What did you say anywyas?" Liam asked interested in my language.

"No es asunto tuyo!" I said.

"Why are you talking in Spanish?" Niall asked.

"Because she forgot English?" Louis said.

"Eres un idiota! ¿quieres tener la nariz rota" I yelled.

"I think she just called you an idiot and something else," Liam said.

Ugh! "Vaya mueren en un agujero!"

My dad came into the livingroom and gaped at what I said, "I'm guessing whatever she said it wasn't very nice was it? Louis asked.

"¡en serio"

"What did you guys do she only talks in spanish when she's super angry," my dad said, "Well whatever it was, sam I need you to take the guys out."

"What now?" I said.

"Yeah! She's talking normaly!" Louis shouted. I debated wether flipping him or not, I desided not to.

"I need to stay back and do some paperwork and I know these guys don't want to stay cramped up in this house and you're the only one who knows the place her then me," dad said.

"But papa!"

"No but's Samantha, after what you just said to them you owe them big time, you're lucky they had no idea what you just said," Dad said.

"By the ways what did she say?" Louis asked.

"Go die in a hole," I said.

"Excuse me?" Louis asked getting all sassy with me.

I shrugged "That's what I said to you, just in spanish." Louis lifted one eye brow at me, "You do realize this means war right?" Louis said.

"Oh no," Liam said.

"Bring it on Louis Tomlinson, you think you know what sass is? The Spanish invented sass! I'm your worst nightmare!" I said hands on hips and stick my face right into his.

"Oh it's on," Louis sid.

"Like Donkey Kong!" Liam randomly yelled out.

"Total mood breaker!" Harry yelled out.

"And so it begins," I say, "Watch your back Louis."

I smirk and turn start to walk up the stairs. I will win this Louis Tomlinson. You will regret the day you met me. Usted caerá, you will fall.

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