Sun, Sea, Sand And Over Sell By Date Milk

June enters her new high school since she got expelled from her last one by pouring custard over one of the science teachers. Follow June as she goes on her quest to make new friends. Will she make new friends? And will she manage to keep them close?


1. Meeting The Beginning

Hi I 'm June, today I start at my new school, 'Wood Tough High School'. I was expelled from my last one because I poured custard over one of the science teachers ... you're probably wondering where I got the custard from but that doesn't really matter right now so I'll move on. Meet my nine month old sister Marie, she has rosy red hair and bright blue eyes and pale skin, my mum puts her in little pink skirts and white t-shirts because she says that she looks 'cute' ... I don't think so. I know you're probably thinking 'You're so mean June!' but trust me, my little sister is the most disgusting little sister you will ever meet! It's strange that I'm the only one who sees it like that.

Oh! I need to tell you a little bit about me don't I? Well, my name is June, I'm sixteen years old, I live with my mum and my sister Marie. I have blonde and brown long wavy hair and sea blue eyes. I like to wear green checked tops, blue skinny jeans and red trainer pumps. Our school uniform is a white top, black skirt and black tights for the girls, black trousers for the boys and dark blue ties that we all have to wear.

I've headed into school and I'm sitting at the benches watching the other kids hang out with their mates, and I'm left here ... bored, cold and wondering how I'll ever make friends. I'm in the last year which is year eleven so I should make friends fast! Behind me I noticed three girls walking in from the school gates, they were all chatting until one of the girls with brown silky hair which looked a bit purple in the sun light looked at me with piercing light blue eyes. I could tell that she wouldn't take a liking to me. She was accompanied by two other girls who were still chatting to each other, one had a pointed nose and hazelnut colored eyes and short brown hair that just touched her shoulders. The other one looked like she was in a band that did rock music, she had extremely short purple dyed hair that reached her ears, her eyes were light blue too and she had a big smile.

That's the beginning, now the real story can begin...

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