This book is about how true love at first sight can really impact
On life especially with Harry Styles.....Follow me on Instagram
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2. The Concert

Her eyes widened and she smirked and said. "You have to catch me first" jumping out of the car and running into the stadium. I jumped out and followed her Hot on her tail she ran into the mens Bathroom and said " you cant be in here" "Why? Its the mens bathroom" She gasped and tried to dodge and run but i grabbed her waist and pulled her in. "Will you go out with me now?" "Ok" we kissed passionatley a random guy walked in we stopped kissing and stared at us we stared back finially he said" i'll leave you to it then" we laughed when he left.
Taylor's P.O.V
We went back out and i kissed Harry goodbye and went to meet Makaylah at our front row seats.During the whole concert Harry would be right in front of me and when he sang WMYB he sang his solos while looking at me and smiling. A girl next to me said "Omg! He keeps looking at me" I smirked and laughed a little. She seemed Pissed at me for doing that. She whispered something to her friend. Then they looked at me and whispered again. A teaar streamed down my face. Harry noticed and came over and mouthed are you okay. I nodded. He told the girls next to me to stop it. They back chatted him and i told them to stop.
Harry's P.O.V
Thank you Sydney! Harry yelled and we ran off stage. The girls came running over to us and hugged us but me and Tay kissed more passionate then before Louis wolf whistled and we smiled against our lips. We went into the room where we played spin the bottle. Liam had to kiss Niall for 2 minutes then liam spun it, it landed on Louis they kissed for 3 minutes. Louis spun it and it landed on Miki they were supposed to kiss for 2 minutes but they ended up moving to the couch. Harry took the turn for Miki it landed on me.
Taylor's P.O.V
Harry smirked and we turned to face eachother and slowly leaned in for a passionate kiss it was the best first kiss i had ever had! All i could feel was fireworks i didnt want it to stop
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