This book is about how true love at first sight can really impact
On life especially with Harry Styles.....Follow me on Instagram
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1. Stress singnal

Makaylah's P.O.V
I cant believe me and Taylor are finaly going to the One Direction Concert in Sydney!!
We were travelling on our way to the stadium when we saw the petrol was low. We stopped into the shell. I filled up the petrol while Taylor payed for it.

Taylor's P.O.V
I went to the freezer and grabbed some Ice Coffee for me and Makaylah (Miki) i waited in line and got onto Twitter. Harry Styles posted a new tweet. @Harry_Styles: Help us were at the Shell and desperatley need a ride! I replied Taylor_Styles16: I'll give you a ride im inside right now :) @Harry_Styles: Oh thanks Love means alot! I went out to their broken down van and Harry ran up to me and hugged me tight. We got to the van and Miki's eyes shot open when they were walking behind me. I heard her scream really loud. I told her not to fangirl infront of them.

Harry's P.O.V
Louis sat in the front with Makaylah, they had a deep conversation about Carrots. Taylor sat on my lap in the car and liam sat on Nialls while Zayn sat in the middle i wrapped my arms around Taylor and hugged her she dug her head in my neck. I pecked her on the head and she talked about the concert. I gave her and makaylah backstage passes. She smiled and took them. "Thanks babe" "Babe?" " Sorry" "its ok Love i like it" She smiled. Will you be my Girlfriend?
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